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Cracked Bricks

Cracked bricks on your home’s exterior are more than just an eyesore; they’re a warning signal indicating underlying structural issues with your property.  

As homeowners ourselves, we at Foundation Systems of Michigan understand the concern and stress that come with such problems. That’s why we’re committed to delivering fast, personalized, and effective foundation repair solutions to residents across Michigan.  

When it comes to addressing the issue of cracked bricks, you can rely on Foundation Systems of Michigan for a comprehensive approach.  

What Are Cracked Bricks?

Cracked bricks frequently manifest as jagged lines along the mortar, moving in a zigzag pattern. These cracks can vary from minor to more noticeable gaps or eroded mortar.  

It’s important to remember that these are more than cosmetic defects—they serve as a warning that your home may have foundation problems. 

What Causes Brick Cracks? 

Brick cracks often stem from various stressors that impact the stability of your home’s foundation. When the foundation shifts or settles, it places stress on the brick walls, leading to the formation of cracks. 

There are multiple factors that can contribute to the emergence of cracked bricks:  

  • Foundation Shifts – When the ground under your foundation moves or sinks, it can distort the structural balance. This unequal weight distribution puts pressure on brick walls. Often, soil issues like clay expansion are to blame. 
  • Tree Roots Invasion – Roots growing beneath your foundation can exert pressure, pushing bricks and mortar out of place as they expand the soil and target weak areas. 
  • Ground Conditions – The soil beneath your house can contract and expand due to fluctuating moisture levels. These shifts directly impact the foundation’s stability and subsequently the integrity of brick walls. 

Can You Fix Cracked Bricks? 

Absolutely, cracked bricks are repairable!  

However, it’s important to remember that while you can find quick-fix mortar or crack fillers at your local hardware store, these are just temporary measures. Since the real issue is foundational, simply patching up the cracks won’t provide a long-term solution. 

DIY attempts can also backfire, making it imperative to consult professionals like Foundation Systems of Michigan for effective solutions. 

How to Fix Cracked Bricks 

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we customize solutions to meet the needs of your specific home.  

If the cracks are a result of foundation settlement, helical piers or push piers would be installed under the foundation and driven deep into stable soil or bedrock. After your home’s weight is transferred to the pier, your home is stabilized.  

Other strategies to tackle cracks caused by hydrostatic pressure include: 

  • Wall Anchors – This repair will permanently stabilize and help straighten the walls over time. An earth anchor is buried in the ground approximately 10 feet away from the wall, and it is connected to an interior wall plate by a galvanized steel rod. A bolt on the interior plate can be tightened by our technicians to help restore the walls.   
  • Steel I-beam – If your property lacks the outdoor space to install wall anchors, specialized wall braces can be installed instead to reinforce and help repair the walls. A sturdy I-beam is not only placed against the wall, but it also is anchored to the floor and a floor joist. A large-diameter bolt at the top can be tightened by our technicians to help with straightening the wall over time.   

Why Address Brick Cracks Now? 

Ignoring minor cracks can result in escalating issues down the line.  

Here’s why immediate action is advised: 

  • Cost-Savings – Early intervention minimizes future repair costs and potential structural damage. 
  • Moisture Prevention – Cracks can serve as entry points for water, leading to mold formation and wood decay. 
  • Property Value – The appearance of your home impacts its market value. Addressing structural issues can enhance your property’s worth. 

Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for Cracked Brick Repairs 

If you spot cracked bricks on your home’s exterior, reach out to Foundation Systems of Michigan today.  

We offer free inspections to identify root causes and provide same-day repair estimates. 

Our skilled technicians will equip you with lasting solutions to repair your foundation and solidify your brick walls.  

Don’t delay—schedule your free inspection now. 

FAQs: Cracked Bricks

Horizontal cracks usually signify that the wall is bowing due to increased soil pressure or foundational movement. This requires immediate foundation repair. 

While you can sell a home with cracked foundation bricks, you are obligated to disclose this information to potential buyers. The cracks could lower your home’s value and may necessitate repairs before a sale can proceed.

Just replenishing the mortar won’t solve the problem. It’s crucial to first address the underlying foundational issues before re-mortaring your bricks.

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