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Uneven Floor

Uneven floors are a red flag for deeper foundational concerns. At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we have a strong track record in restoring homes impacted by uneven floors. Whether it’s due to shifts in your foundation, crawl space issues, or other structural difficulties, we provide solutions that last. 

Our highly skilled technicians will pinpoint the root cause of your uneven floors and recommend effective methods to fortify and level your home’s foundation. 

What Are Uneven Floors? 

Uneven floors are a condition where the surface of the flooring in a home is no longer level, resulting in a sloped feeling.   

The symptoms may include patches of the floor that are higher or lower than others, contributing to a noticeable lack of balance. 

Alongside uneven floors, you may observe other indicators of structural concerns like sticking doors, wall or ceiling cracks, and separation between the floor and the baseboards. 

These problems hint at larger issues like shifting foundations or excessive moisture in the crawl space, and if left unattended, can worsen over time. 

What Causes Uneven Floors? 

Various factors contribute to cause uneven floors: 

1. Foundation Settlement 

Fluctuations in the soil underneath your home can lead to uneven foundation settling. This irregular settling is often instigated by varying moisture levels in the soil, which may cause your foundation to sink in places. 

2. Floor Joists Failing 

In homes that have a crawl space, the decay of the floor joists supporting your floor can occur due to moisture problems. Lack of proper crawl space encapsulation can result in moisture buildup, leading to wood decay and drooping floors

Routine inspections of your crawl space for issues like dampness or mold can help you avoid such complications.  

Sealing your crawl space promptly can also aid in preserving the structural integrity of your floor joists. Early intervention is key to preventing additional damage and ensuring home safety. 

Recognizing the underlying cause is crucial for a long-lasting solution. Our specialists complete exhaustive inspections to determine the exact cause using tools like laser levels and moisture meters.  

Can Uneven Floors Be Repaired? 

Yes! Once the root cause is correctly identified, custom repair solutions can be installed to address your specific foundational needs. 

How to Fix Uneven Floors 

Foundation Systems of Michigan offers a selection of tried-and-true solutions to not only repair but also potentially raise your floors back to a level state. 

We begin with a comprehensive examination by a foundation expert, which we offer free of charge. 

Here are some remedies that could be suggested: 

Why Fix Uneven Floors Now? 

Fixing uneven floors immediately is advised for numerous reasons: 

  • Stop the escalation of foundation issues 
  • Improve safety by eliminating tripping hazards 
  • Prevent secondary complications like jammed doors and fractured drywall 
  • Boost your property value with leveled floors 
  • Achieve peace of mind with a stable foundation 

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to effectively solve uneven floor issues. Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation inspection

Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for Uneven Floor Repair 

For timely and dependable uneven floor remedies, look no further than Foundation Systems of Michigan. 

Our foundation repair experts stand ready to evaluate your flooring situation and suggest customized repair plans. 

We offer free, obligation-free inspections for our floor stabilization services. Contact us today! 


Yes, soil expansion and contraction due to changes in moisture levels can worsen existing foundation problems, leading to more noticeable floor unevenness.  

A structural engineer or foundation repair specialist should be consulted for a thorough evaluation and repair plan.

DIY fixes like self-leveling compounds might temporarily solve the problem but won’t address the underlying foundation issue. Professional assessment and repair are generally advised. 

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