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Drywall Cracks

Ah, the joy of homeownership! You’ve got a cozy, comfortable space… until you notice cracks in your drywall. They’re not just cosmetic flaws; they’re your home’s cry for help. 

With Foundation Systems of Michigan, you’re not alone. We have more than 15 years of expertise in diagnosing and solving issues that often lurk behind those concerning cracks. 

Learn the causes of drywall cracks and how you can make your home whole again. 

What Are Drywall Cracks? 

Drywall cracks are more than just unsightly blemishes. These cracks on the drywall panels of your interior walls and ceilings signify your house is experiencing foundation movement.  

Since drywall doesn’t offer much in terms of structural strength, it’s quick to crack when things get shaky down below. 

Telltale signs include: 

  • Diagonal cracks extending from door or window corners up toward the ceiling 
  • Cracks above doors and windows 
  • Long horizontal or vertical cracks along walls and ceilings 
  • Spidery crack patterns on walls and ceilings  

Smaller cracks might seem harmless, but they are often the first red flag of foundation damage. The larger and more frequent these cracks become, the higher the chance that you’ve caught your foundation damage further along than it should be.  

What Causes Drywall Cracks? 

While a professional inspection provides a more detailed evaluation, below are a few common causes of drywall cracks: 

  • Soil Movement: Houses naturally settle a small amount, but soil washout or compressions can accelerate this process, bringing about unsettling drywall cracks and leaving your home unsupported. 
  • Structural Issues: Foundation problems like crumbling footings, sticking windows, or a cracked chimney can lead to drywall cracks on the upper levels of your home. 
  • Home Renovations: You may want to think twice before you lay that ornate stone floor or build an extension. These actions add weight to your home and can lead to foundation settling and, yes, more cracks. 
  • Water Damage: Watch out for leaky pipes or poor drainage, as water can soften soil, destabilizing your home’s foundation. 

Ignoring drywall cracks is akin to turning a blind eye to your home’s structural health. Listen to your home—it’s talking to you through those cracks. 

Can You Fix Drywall Cracks? 

Sure, you can temporarily patch and paint over small cracks, but they’ll come back if the root issues are ignored. Don’t opt for quick, surface-level fixes; dig deeper and solve the foundational problems. 

Drywall Crack Solutions: 

  • For very small hairline or cosmetic cracks, a quick patch and paint can help. 
  • For all other cracks, the root cause of the problem must be repaired before solving the drywall crack. Repairs like foundation piers and crawl space jacks fix the foundational issues first before replacing the damaged drywall sections. 

Why Repair Drywall Cracks Now? 

Drywall cracks can easily be ignored, but it isn’t a good idea. Learn why they should be repaired as soon as possible: 

  • Cracks worsen with time. 
  • The longer you wait, the more expensive the repairs are. 
  • Neglected cracks can lower your home’s value and aesthetic appeal. 

How Foundation Systems of Michigan Can Permanently Fix Drywall Cracks 

Our team of seasoned experts at Foundation Systems of Michigan are skilled at identifying the root causes behind your home’s drywall cracks.  

With more than 15 years in business, we’ve developed tailored solutions to tackle these issues head-on. 

 Among our specialized techniques for foundation repair, we offer: 

Our whole home solutions permanently stabilize sinking foundations, stop water intrusion, and keep pesky drywall cracks at bay.  

Plus, we back all our solutions with long-term, transferable warranties for added peace of mind. 

Choose Foundation Systems of Michigan Today! 

When it comes to unsettling drywall cracks, you don’t want to take chances.  

Choose Foundation Systems of Michigan, a trusted name with a solid reputation in the industry. We’ve been putting homeowners at ease for years, tackling foundation issues with professionalism and expertise.  

But don’t just take our word for it; our track record is backed by countless satisfied customers who’ve seen their worries—and their cracks—disappear.  

Get peace of mind and a secure home; contact us today to schedule your free inspection. 


While older homes may be more susceptible due to years of settling and potential wear and tear, even newer homes can experience drywall cracks if they have foundation issues. It’s not strictly an “old home” problem—any home can be affected.

While you can’t entirely prevent natural settling, you can minimize the risks of drywall cracks by maintaining good drainage around your home, keeping an eye on humidity levels inside, and conducting regular foundation inspections. 

You can look for accompanying signs of foundation issues, such as doors or windows that are hard to open or close, uneven floors, or even external cracks in your home’s brickwork or foundation walls. However, these are not foolproof methods; only a professional inspection can definitively diagnose the issue. 

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