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Wood Rot

Wood rot is a widespread and often overlooked problem in many households, and its effects can be severe if not addressed in time. 

This fungus deteriorates wooden crawl space supports, leading to sagging floors and structural damage. Michigan’s humid climate further aggravates this issue, putting local homes at higher risk. 

Foundation Systems of Michigan excels in offering crawl space encapsulation services to combat this prevalent problem, stopping the conditions that foster wood rot and restoring damage for the long haul. Our expertise and dedication to quality make us your go-to source for understanding and solving this problem. 

Through this page, you’ll gain insights on detecting, preventing, and remedying wood rot in your home’s crawl space. 

What Is Wood Rot? 

Wood rot is a type of fungal decay targeting wood in your home, especially in moist or humid areas like a crawl space. 

The fungus, scientifically known as Serpula lacrymans, consumes cellulose, weakening wooden structural components. This can result in saggy or bouncy floors, among other problems, if not addressed. 

While similar to mold, wood rot, a non-toxic form, directly attacks wood, deteriorating it and compromising the structure. 

Its distinct appearance ranges from light brown to black and usually forms in isolated spots, progressively damaging wooden structures. 

When wood rot infests your crawl space, it’s often associated with other issues, such as pest invasions, damp insulation, and musty smells. 

Ignoring these problems can lead to more extensive damage, even causing floors to collapse. Timely identification and repair of wood rot are critical. 

What Causes Wood Rot? 

Wood rot requires two key elements to develop: wood and persistent moisture.  

Crawl spaces prone to wood rot often have: 

Once present, the fungus quickly spreads in damp, enclosed spaces like crawl spaces. Spores enter via openings and air ducts. Minor leaks or condensation can sustain wood rot. Without comprehensive moisture management, the fungus will keep deteriorating wooden structures. 

Can You Fix Wood Rot? 

Absolutely, wood rot is treatable and manageable. 

Addressing wood rot effectively requires a whole-home approach, beyond just dealing with current damage. Minor instances might be resolved with fungicides or board replacements, but severe cases necessitate professional crawl space repair. 

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we focus on not just repairing wood rot but also creating a home environment that deters its recurrence. Our team conducts detailed inspections to pinpoint the issue’s source and suggests customized solutions for lasting protection. 

How to Fix Wood Rot 

Depending on the state of the impacted wooden joists or beams, they might need complete replacement or additional support. Our SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks offer stabilization and can assist in lifting sagging floors and joists. 

Our approach to addressing moisture leading to wood rot includes: 

Choosing Foundation Systems of Michigan means selecting a team with unique solutions designed to tackle the specific challenges of wood rot. Our products outperform those available at general retailers, ensuring top-notch protection. 

Why Address Wood Rot Now 

Prompt and comprehensive action against wood rot is critical for several reasons: 

  • Prevent Structural Damage: Early intervention can avoid major structural harm to your home, ensuring its stability and safety. 
  • Protect Your Investment: Your home is a valuable asset and safeguarding it from wood rot preserves its worth. 
  • Avoid Expensive Repairs: Early wood rot management can be more cost-effective, as damage tends to be less severe than if neglected. 
  • Create a Healthier Living Space: Wood rot can attract pests and lower indoor air quality, so dealing with it promotes a healthier home environment. 

For optimal home protection and durable repairs, Foundation Systems of Michigan and our specialized solutions are your ideal choice. We’ve tailored our products to meet your home’s specific needs, offering unmatched protection and peace of mind. 

Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for Dependable Crawl Space Solutions 

Wood rot can be a daunting issue, but our experts simplify the process of addressing it. We begin with a comprehensive inspection to outline the necessary repairs. Then, we customize a system using our exclusive products to eliminate moisture, reinforce your floor, and keep an eye on your crawl space. Our solutions are the definitive way to eradicate wood rot permanently. 

Protect your home from fungal damage. Reach out to Foundation Systems of Michigan for a free inspection and a no-commitment repair quote! Our thorough approach and proprietary products offer the most effective, enduring solution for wood rot in your home.


The expense varies depending on the severity of the damage, the need for wood replacement, and other repairs. An exact cost breakdown is provided during a free inspection by one of Foundation Systems of Michigan’s specialists. We also offer transparent pricing, no-commitment repair estimates, and various financing options

Neglecting wood rot leads to its spread, attraction of wood-boring pests, and structural issues like sagging floors. This jeopardizes your home’s health and structural integrity. Promptly consulting crawl space professionals like Foundation Systems of Michigan at the first hint of trouble is essential. We offer a free inspection and customized repair recommendations. 

Your crawl space is a sensitive and potentially hazardous area, so DIY attempts are not advised. Homemade repairs and store-bought products offer temporary fixes and might not fully address the underlying issue. Professional evaluation and repair ensure comprehensive and lasting solutions. Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for a free crawl space inspection and a no-obligation repair estimate. 

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