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Crawl Space Moisture

The crawl space is a vital part of your home, hosting essential utilities and supporting your home’s foundation. When moisture infiltrates this area, it triggers a range of problems that can compromise your home’s health and safety. 

Excess moisture fosters mold, attracts pests, deteriorates wood, and increases energy costs as humidity seeps into your home. Various factors contribute to this moisture, and excessive levels can seriously damage your home. 

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we’re homeowners too, so we understand the challenges of managing these problems. We focus on pinpointing and fixing these prevalent issues, keeping your crawl space dry and efficient with our crawl space encapsulation system

This page delves into the origins and indications of crawl space moisture and how Foundation Systems of Michigan’s specialized crawl space encapsulation methods effectively address these concerns. 

What Is Crawl Space Moisture? 

Moisture in the crawl space describes any water present in this area, originating from condensation, leaks, or high humidity. 

Crawl spaces naturally contain some moisture due to their close contact with the ground. Nonetheless, excessive moisture is problematic. When crawl space humidity exceeds about 55%, it poses issues. 

Increased humidity in the crawl space can lead to: 

Excessive moisture can affect your living areas, creating an unhealthy indoor environment and weakening the structural base of your home. In areas like Michigan, where the weather can be variable, maintaining a moisture-free crawl space is essential for protecting your home. 

What Causes Crawl Space Moisture? 

Moisture can enter crawl spaces in various ways: 

  • Location: Due to their positioning under your home and the presence of exposed dirt floors, crawl spaces are naturally moisture prone. 
  • Weather: In Michigan’s humid climate, diverse weather patterns significantly contribute to moisture problems, including rain, snow, and high humidity levels. 
  • Open Vents and Cracks: Open vents allow outside moisture into the crawl space. Cracks around pipes and electrical conduits also let in humid air. 
  • Condensation: Humid air from the exterior condenses on the cooler surfaces of the crawl space. 
  • Water Leaks: Leaks from walls and vents enable rain and groundwater to enter the crawl space. 
  • Plumbing Leaks: Damaged pipes in the crawl space can lead to additional moisture. 
  • High Groundwater Levels: Elevated water tables can surround the crawl space with moisture. 
  • Surface Water: Improper drainage can cause rainwater and surface water to accumulate near the foundation, leading to seepage. 

Tackling these issues is important for your home’s structural soundness and your family’s health and safety. 

Addressing Crawl Space Moisture: Is it Possible? 

Certainly, moisture issues in your crawl space can be repaired. It’s imperative to tackle this problem for the safety and stability of your home. 

Many homeowners mistakenly think a commercially available dehumidifier in their crawl space is a sufficient solution. However, we advise against self-conducted crawl space repairs. These solutions are often short-lived and can pose safety risks. 

Our skilled team at Foundation Systems of Michigan employs proven methods to eliminate moisture effectively at its source. We tailor our approach based on a thorough inspection of your crawl space, pinpointing how moisture enters and devising the most effective solutions. 

Our Approach to Resolving Crawl Space Moisture 

Here’s how Foundation Systems of Michigan systematically addresses crawl space moisture: 

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we pride ourselves on our specialized products, uniquely designed to ensure long-lasting, effective moisture control in crawl spaces. Our encapsulation systems are engineered with advanced technology for superior moisture management. 

Why Address Crawl Space Moisture Now 

Tackling moisture in the crawl space promptly is highly beneficial for your home.  

Here’s why: 

  • Stop Structural Damage: Moisture can undermine your home’s foundation, leading to structural problems. Timely intervention maintains your property’s durability. 
  • Ensure a Healthy Living Space: A moisture-free crawl space deters mold formation, fostering a healthier living environment. 
  • Discourage Pest Infestations: Moisture attracts various pests. By resolving moisture issues, you deter these unwanted guests. 
  • Enhance Energy Efficiency: A moisture-controlled crawl space improves insulation, resulting in reduced energy expenditures. 

Foundation Systems of Michigan’s thorough and exclusive solutions offer the best defense for your home, giving you a lasting remedy and peace of mind. 

Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for Dependable Crawl Space Solutions 

Do not let moisture in the crawl space jeopardize your home’s integrity and your family’s health. Rely on Foundation Systems of Michigan for superior protection of your home and to improve your quality of life. 

Our moisture management solutions are specifically tailored to your crawl space’s unique needs. We deliver comprehensive encapsulation systems to transform your crawl space into a clean, moisture-free area.  

Contact us today to find out more and to arrange a free crawl space inspection


We advise against trying to fix crawl space moisture issues independently. DIY approaches and store-bought solutions provide only temporary relief and can be risky. Professional services guarantee a thorough and enduring solution. Foundation Systems of Michigan has the necessary expertise, equipment, and safety gear. Contact us for further information and to schedule a free inspection.

Investing in the repair of moisture issues in your crawl space is definitely worthwhile. It safeguards your home’s structural health and ensures a more salubrious living environment for years to come. Neglecting these issues can lead to structural weakening, mold, and pest invasions, posing risks to your home and family’s well-being. Get in touch with Foundation Systems of Michigan for a free crawl space inspection and a no-obligation repair quote. 

The cost of crawl space encapsulation varies, depending on the size and condition of your crawl space and the necessary interventions. A precise cost estimate can be provided after a free inspection by a Foundation Systems of Michigan specialist. We offer straightforward pricing, no-obligation estimates, and various financing options

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