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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Finished, clean, dry, usable crawl space.

No homeowner wants to discover damage in their crawl space—it’s an unwelcome surprise that leads to significant problems.

Installing a vapor barrier from Foundation Systems of Michigan safeguards your home against these threats. Our AquaStop™ CrawlSeal™ is essential in the comprehensive crawl space encapsulation strategy. 

As industry experts, we offer this durable moisture barrier to maintain your home’s health and durability. 

What is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier? 

Crew installing vapor barrier on the floor in a crawl space.

A crawl space vapor barrier is a durable plastic sheet that covers crawl space walls and floors. 

This sheet manages excess moisture by preventing the water vapor penetration that causes mold growth, wood rot, and pest infestations. 

Foundation Systems of Michigan employs CrawlSeal™, a robust vapor barrier that shields your home from the detrimental effects of moisture. This barrier secures the crawl space and enhances overall home health.

Signs You Need a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation 

It’s crucial to promptly identify signs of crawl space damage to maintain your home’s structural integrity and reduce repair costs. The following signs indicate your home may benefit from crawl space vapor barrier installation:

These issues suggest excessive crawl space moisture. Early intervention is crucial to safeguard your home’s health and structure. Contact a crawl space expert immediately upon noticing the problem signs. 

Is Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation Necessary? 

Yes, installing a crawl space vapor barrier is essential if the area contains moisture or humidity. Neglecting to add a vapor barrier allows crawl space moisture infiltration and other problems.

Foundation Systems of Michigan’s encapsulation installation protects your home, seals out moisture, and creates a dry, clean area.

We advise against DIY installations, as standard liners from retail outlets are insufficient and may lead to further damage and costly repairs. Additionally, crawl spaces may present health and safety hazards, making it safer and more effective to rely on skilled professionals with the appropriate tools, training, and safety equipment. 

What Are the Benefits of Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation? 

Implementing a crawl space vapor barrier to block moisture offers numerous benefits: 

  • Better Air Quality: Our CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier limits moisture, mitigates mold, and improves indoor air quality. 
  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: A dry crawl space preserves your home’s foundation and structure. 
  • Energy Efficiency: A dry crawl space improves insulation, enhances energy efficiency, and reduces utility bills. 
  • Pest Deterrence: A vapor barrier makes your crawl space less appealing to termites and other pests. 

Our exclusive CrawlSeal™ liner is tear-resistant and antimicrobial. Combined with our comprehensive encapsulation process, it ensures a clean, dry, and healthy home. 

How We Install a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Installing a vapor barrier is essential in crawl space encapsulation, but it’s not the only component. Our team follows these procedures: 

FSM installer working inside a crawl space.

Trust Foundation Systems of Michigan for a dependable, long-lasting vapor barrier installation. Rest easy knowing your crawl space is in the hands of local experts who live and work in Michigan and Ohio. We understand the area’s unique soil conditions and provide the best solutions to solve the problems it creates.

Why Our Crawl Space Vapor Barrier is the Best Option for Your Home 

Our CrawlSeal™ system outperforms others, featuring: 

  • Robust 120-mil thickness 
  • Antimicrobial features 
  • Resistance to mold, mildew, and punctures 
  • Tailored sizing for different surfaces 
  • A reflective white finish for a brighter space 
  • Long-lasting, transferable warranty 
  • Continuous protection with annual maintenance 

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier FAQ's

While maintenance is minimal, we offer yearly service plans to ensure the barrier’s peak performance. We check the crawl space and its current solutions, including the vapor barrier, to confirm ongoing protection. Reach out to us for more information and to schedule a free inspection. 

The time required for installation varies based on crawl space size, existing damage, and necessary repairs. Our goal is to be efficient without compromising on quality. Typically, installations are completed within one to two days. Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for a no-obligation free inspection, estimate, and accurate timeline. 

Self-installing a vapor barrier is not recommended due to potential dangers, costs, and inefficiency. A professional installation guarantees correct fitting and sealing, along with a comprehensive inspection of your crawl space to address any other issues for optimal effectiveness and longevity. Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for a free crawl space inspection and encapsulation quote. 

Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for Crawl Space Encapsulation Today! 

FSM employee reviewing crawl space system with customers.

Don’t let a damp crawl space affect your home. Trust Foundation Systems of Michigan to create a healthier environment by installing our CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier. Our complete encapsulation solution prevents moisture from entering your home, ensuring you breathe cleaner air.

Homeowners across Michigan and Ohio have relied on our innovative solutions for years. Let us assist you, too. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and take the first step towards a healthier home. 

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