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What To Expect From Most Common Crawl Space Issues

There are certain crawl space problems that appear in your first, fifth, and tenth year in a home. What can you do about them?

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Crawl spaces aren’t especially large, but they play an essential role in the health of a home. Whether you’re moving into a new place or have been in the same house for years, you need to  do routine checks on your crawl space. If you don’t, you risk seeing signs of flooding, moisture, and structural damage throughout your entire home. 

common crawl space problems

First-Year Crawl Space Problems 

Crawl spaces take up little square footage in most houses, which makes them easy to forget.  When moving into a new home, the list of things to do to prepare and prep may get bogged down, making the crawl space an overlooked area. This, unfortunately, isn’t the best idea. There are a few different problems that can crop up in your crawl space during your first year in a new home, such as: 

  • Mold 
  • Pest infestations 
  • Flooding 

Overcoming these initial crawl space problems can be difficult. If you’re feeling a little market savvy, however, you may not have to. It’s always a good idea to talk to an area crawl space expert before you go about purchasing a new home. You may be able to bring that professional with you on an inspection of your potential new property. If it appears, after an inspection, that the previous owners of the home you’re interested in didn’t take care of their crawl space as they should have, you may be able to haggle with potential repairs in mind. Alternatively, the property owners may invest in crawl space repairs before you even move in. 

If you’re not able to get a crawl space expert out to the property, you can still explore the different means of repairing and protecting your crawl space with area professionals. If you choose to invest in crawl space waterproofing measures like a vapor barrier early, you can keep yourself from dealing with similar problems later down the line. 

Problems For Crawl Spaces In The Fifth Year 

If you put off inspecting or treating a damaged crawl space during your first year, you may be setting your home up for long-term damage. By the time you’ve settled into your home, you may have even adjusted to some of the symptoms that indicate trouble in your crawl space. Some of the most common problems to run into five years into your homeownership include: 

  • Damaged insulation 
  • Leaning walls 

Note that these problems can crop up even if you have home waterproofing measures in place. You’ll need to work with area professionals to ensure the waterproofing measures you’ve invested in are appropriately installed and up to date. No waterproofing measure is permanent. As such, don’t hesitate to schedule annual home inspections so area experts can help you keep moisture and other troubling forces out of your crawl space. 

Problems For Crawl Spaces In The Tenth Year  

Ten years into owning a home, you probably feel as though you’ve got a handle on all the different things that might go awry. This may be the case, but there are still some things about your crawl space that may surprise you. If you haven’t invested in waterproofing measures by this point, or even if you have and you haven’t had these solutions maintained or repaired, then damage could be on its way. 

The longer you leave your crawl space unprotected or moist, the more likely it is that damage can sink into your structural supports and make your life more difficult. With that in mind, some of the most common crawl space problems to encounter later in your home’s life include: 

  • A sinking foundation 

Why Is Your Crawl Space So Damp? 

Your crawl space, as it stands, is more sensitive to damage than the rest of your home. Tree roots, insects, and even faulty pipes can cause your crawl space to start taking on structural damage. There’s one force, though, that tends to dominate or work in tandem with all the other means that put your crawl space at risk: hydrostatic pressure. 

Hydrostatic pressure can form around your home if water builds up against your home’s foundation and building materials. That water will lead to your supports changing on a molecular level. Sudden and quick-paced changes such as this will force the materials to handle undue stress, which may lead to them cracking if you don’t have them properly treated.  

Repairing and Protecting Your Crawl Space 

Are you having trouble deciding how to protect your crawl space from damage? Let a crawl space repair professional help. The inspectors and repair teams at FSM serving the Detroit, MI, area and surrounding locations can help you better decode the symptoms in your home that indicate crawl space damage. In turn, these experts can help you repair the damage that’s already settled in while also equipping you with the waterproofing tools you need to prevent that damage from coming back. 

Ready to schedule your home inspection? You can reach out to area professionals at FSM to schedule a free crawl space inspection and repair quote

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