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Cracked Pool Deck

While a swimming pool provides a great escape, any damage to the surrounding concrete can pose serious safety threats. 

Cracked pool decks don’t only detract from your home’s aesthetic appeal, they also introduce risks. Foundation Systems of Michigan is equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle both these concerns promptly. 

With our years of experience in concrete lifting, we commit to deliver proven solutions that protect your home from damaged concrete. Learn the causes of a cracked concrete pool deck and how Foundation Systems of Michigan uses the cutting-edge SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ system to meticulously restore your pool deck. 

What Is a Cracked Pool Deck? 

A cracked pool deck is a gap or crack in the concrete surfaces around an in-ground swimming pool. 

These cracks can be minimal surface cracks or go deeper, undermining the pool deck’s integrity. Beyond just aesthetics, they represent a potential tripping, especially dangerous when water is involved.  

When a pool deck cracks, it may allow water to seep in, intensifying concrete deterioration, promoting mold, compromising structural stability, and marring the overall appearance. 

Additional signs that may accompany a cracked pool deck include: 

As time progresses, these issues only get worse, leading to increased danger and pricier repairs. As soon as problem signs are noticed, contact concrete lifting experts like Foundation Systems of Michigan. 

What Causes a Cracked Pool Deck? 

Numerous factors can cause pool decks to crack, including: 

  • Shifting Soil: Unsteady soil beneath the pool deck might shift, causing the concrete to sink and crack, especially if not adequately compacted initially. 
  • Soil Washout: Chemical-laden water from the pool can degrade the underlying soil, leading to gaps and resulting in the deck cracking and sinking. 
  • Invasive Tree Roots: Trees with vigorous roots can disturb the soil below the deck, lifting parts of the concrete. 
  • Intense Rain/Flooding: A waterlogged soil might erode, jeopardizing the concrete deck’s support. 
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycles: Our area’s chilly winters and subsequent spring melts can exert strain on the deck, instigating cracks. 
  • Installation Shortcomings: Errors during the pouring or curing of concrete can contribute to cracking and structural flaws. 

Sometimes, several of these factors are at play at once, leading to extensive deck damage. 

Similar ground instability issues that impair pool decks might also impact a home’s foundational health, necessitating immediate expert intervention. 

Can You Fix a Cracked Pool Deck? 

Yes! A cracked pool deck can be fixed. 

However, filling cracks or adding a skim coat doesn’t suffice. Older solutions like mudjacking can be resource-intensive and may not target the underlying issues. 

A whole-home approach that considers the entire property is necessary for enduring success. This ensures root causes are addressed, avoiding recurrences and safeguarding your property’s structural soundness. 

Foundation Systems of Michigan employs proprietary techniques to both stabilize and elevate damaged sections of pool decks. Our signature SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam method delicately elevates sagging concrete, offering a lasting foundation. 

How to Fix a Cracked Pool Deck 

The expert crew at Foundation Systems of Michigan adopts the following approach: 

  • Evaluation: Our specialists assess your pool deck to pinpoint the root causes. We then design a repair strategy. 
  • Drilling: Small holes, about the size of a penny, are made in the compromised sections of the concrete. 
  • Insert Ports: We place specialized injection ports in these holes for under-slab access. 
  • Foam Formulation: The unique components of our polyurethane foam are mixed.  
  • Foam Administration: This foam is injected beneath the concrete via the ports. 
  • Foam Expansion: Expanding swiftly, the foam fills gaps and solidifies in minutes, lifting the concrete as it sets. 
  • Port Removal: Post-procedure, we remove the ports and mend the holes. 
  • Seal Fissures: All cracks are sealed, warding off future moisture infiltration. 
  • Maintenance: Regular upkeep ensures the prolonged success of the repairs. 

Foundation Systems of Michigan’s method not only addresses visible damage but also the underlying issues, promising long-lasting results. Our exclusive products cater to your specific requirements, outshining traditional solutions. 

Why Address Pool Deck Cracks Now 

Taking swift action against pool deck discrepancies is essential for: 

  • Damage Prevention: Unattended cracks can worsen, with moisture ingress possibly affecting the internal rebar and exacerbating the issue. 
  • Safety: Uneven surfaces around the pool pose tripping hazards, but timely interventions can curtail these risks. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Timely minor fixes are more budget-friendly than extensive future renovations. 
  • Property Value: Timely repairs uphold the allure and structural integrity of your leisure space. 

For proven solutions, place your trust in Foundation Systems of Michigan. Our specialized tools and methods guarantee unparalleled precision and results, overshadowing typical market offerings. 

Reach Out to Foundation Systems of Michigan for Dependable Concrete Pool Deck Solutions 

Don’t let a cracked pool deck compromise your home’s charm and safety. With Foundation Systems of Michigan, our long-term solutions are ready to solve any pool deck concerns. Contact us for a free, no-obligation inspection, and allow us to reinforce and beautify your home. 

For over a decade, homeowners across Michigan have relied on our expertise for their pool deck lifting and leveling. Experience our unmatched service quality and the strength of PolyRenewal™.


Undoubtedly, even tiny cracks can escalate into substantial structural challenges. Reach out to Foundation Systems of Michigan to delve deeper into our concrete elevation techniques and cost-effective solutions. We extend free inspections, transparent estimates, and financing options

Absolutely! SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ is devised to repair concrete slabs efficiently with no harm to the environment. The solution is waterproof and won’t introduce chemicals into the neighboring soil. 

Our application method allows pools to stay filled, ensuring minimal disruption. We exert utmost care, ensuring your pool and belongings remain undisturbed. 

*Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Foundation Systems of Michigan does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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