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Concrete Pitting, Flaking & Staining

As a homeowner, you take pride in the appeal of your home and its concrete surfaces. However, issues like concrete pitting, flaking, and staining can compromise both the structural integrity and aesthetics of these surfaces. What may seem minor at first can turn into significant problems without professional repair. 

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we understand your concerns and offer dependable solutions that safeguard your property’s value and curb appeal. Our innovative SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system tackles the root causes and ensures they won’t return. 

What Is Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining? 

While concrete pitting, flaking, and staining may seem distinct, they share common root causes. 

Concrete Pitting 

Concrete pitting manifests as small, rough craters on the surface, indicating internal structural weakness caused by errors during concrete production. 

Concrete Flaking 

Concrete flaking, similar in appearance to pitting, results from exposure to moisture and weather over time. 

Concrete Staining 

Concrete staining refers to discoloration due to external agents like oil or mud, which can compromise the concrete’s integrity. 

Though unique, these issues all indicate concrete compromise, and if left unaddressed, they will worsen. 

These issues also can happen on many surfaces, including: 

Further deterioration of these surfaces results unless they are quickly repaired. Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for an accurate assessment when you witness these problems. 

What Causes Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining? 

All three issues point to compromised structural integrity within the concrete, but their specific mechanisms differ. 

Causes of Concrete Pitting 

Pitting often results from errors in the initial mixing process or mishandling during curing, leading to weak spots that collapse and form pits. 

Causes of Concrete Flaking 

Flaking occurs as concrete ages and faces exposure to the elements. Moisture seeping in reacts with the concrete, eroding the surface. 

Causes of Concrete Staining 

Staining happens when contaminants like oil or mud permeate the concrete or surrounding soil, altering its chemical composition. 

Understanding these nuances and addressing them promptly are crucial for appropriate, lasting repairs. Foundation Systems of Michigan provides solutions tailored to each type of damage’s unique origin. 

Can You Fix Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining? 

Yes, these issues can be fixed, but it requires a comprehensive approach to ensure lasting solutions. Cosmetic fixes like patching or coating are temporary measures. For lasting concrete restoration, you need products that lift, support, and strengthen concrete from the inside out. 

How to Fix Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining 

Foundation Systems of Michigan doesn’t rely on conventional techniques like patching, pouring, or mudjacking. Our superior solution, PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections, stabilizes the soil beneath problematic concrete slabs creating a long-lasting result.  

Our installation process for this unique system includes these essential steps: 

  • Identify the specific issue during a free, thorough inspection. 
  • Drill small holes, roughly the size of a penny, into the concrete. 
  • Insert injection ports into the drilled holes. 
  • Mix our proprietary closed-cell foam. 
  • Inject the high-density foam underneath the concrete. 
  • Allow the foam to harden (within 15 minutes). 
  • Ensure the concrete is lifted and stabilized. 
  • Remove the injection ports. 
  • Fill and smooth the drilled holes. 
  • Seal cracks and joints to prevent damage. 
  • Consistently inspect and maintain the concrete for longevity. 

Foundation Systems of Michigan has crafted exclusive solutions to ensure homeowners receive customized, top-notch results. Our PolyRenewal™ system provides exceptional support and enhances the longevity of your concrete. 

Why Address Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining Now? 

Taking prompt action to repair these issues is crucial for several reasons: 

  • Prevention: Addressing them early prevents more severe damage. 
  • Home Value: Maintaining your concrete preserves your home’s value. 
  • Safety: Flaking and pitting can create tripping hazards. 
  • Aesthetics: Pristine concrete enhances curb appeal. 

Foundation Systems of Michigan offers long-lasting professional services with proprietary products for superior results. 

Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for Reliable Concrete Lifting Solutions 

Concrete damage like pitting, flaking, and staining can be unsightly and dangerous. Don’t settle for quick fixes. Trust Foundation Systems of Michigan for unmatched concrete lifting solutions. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection and let us help restore your property’s glory. 

Our expertise and proprietary products guarantee long-lasting results. Homeowners throughout Michigan have relied on us to repair and protect their concrete. We’re eager to bring our excellence to your home too. 


Oil drips from vehicles can absorb into concrete and result in dark stains. Proper cleaning and sealing can help prevent this. Severe stains and chemicals can weaken the structure, leading to cracks and sinking. Contact us to learn more about our unique concrete lifting system. 

Pitting may appear years after concrete is poured but tends to worsen quickly. Quick action is crucial to identify and repair problems correctly. 

We recommend annual inspections, but any sudden changes in appearance should be addressed immediately. Partner with us for annual service and maintenance programs to ensure ongoing protection. 

*Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Foundation Systems of Michigan does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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