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Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in Lansing, MI

Year-round rain can interfere with your home in Lansing, resulting in damages that are problematic and dangerous. FSM offers numerous solutions to homeowners, so you can live comfortably and safely.

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Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Encapsulation Repair in Lansing, MI

Basement and crawl space areas are very prone to leakage and water damage in Lansing, MI, especially because of the type of soil and climate typical of the region. Clay and loam soil is characteristic of Lansing, which does not drain water very well. This means it holds water for long periods of time, which can lead to a multitude of problems, such as water damage, crack formation, mold and mildew growth, pests, and structural damage. It also rains or snows year round. This can oversaturate the soil around your home, thus contributing to the high leakage risk in your basement or crawl space.

FSM offers various waterproofing solutions for both basements and crawl spaces. If you have drainage issues, drainage systems and sump pumps can be customized and installed to ensure your unique basement or crawl space is dry. Dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, and crack repairs are also offered by the contractors at FSM to prevent further problems and accumulation of moisture. The vapor barrier is especially beneficial because it is waterproof, prevents mold growth, and has a sleek design. Crawl spacejacks and floor joints can also become displaced or rotted by water, but fortunately, repairs and replacements are also offered.

Foundation Repair in Lansing, MI

Crawl Space Jack

Your home’s foundation is important to maintain the stability and structure of your house. Unfortunately, water can result in bowing foundation walls, sinking or settlement, and foundational damage. Some of the most common warning signs that you may need foundation repairs are uneven house structures (i.e., chimneys, doorways, windowsills, and floors), the characteristic stairstep cracks along outdoor walls, and cracks around doorways, windows, or floors. Clay, loam soils, which are very common in Lansing, are vulnerable to settling, which can be exacerbated by the year-round precipitation, like rain or snow. This amount of water around your house can cause many of the warning signs of foundation damage or sinking.

For bowed walls, FSM offers two solutions: the TerraForce® Wall Anchor System and the BruteForce® Wall Bracing System. Both options work to stabilize bowed foundation walls and have the potential to straighten them back to their original condition in no time. They also are corrosion resistant. The AccuForce® Helical Piering System can stabilize and repair settled foundations due to sunken soils.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Crawl Spaces in Michigan

The VaporLoc Elite® Wall is the most effective basement waterproofing tool that FSM provides. It rains very often in Lansing, which can cause water vapor and moisture to leak through basement walls from the outside, so having a waterproof barrier prevents water damages and all the related issues that come with it. It is also made up of an inorganic material—a big advantage. Organic wall materials, such as drywall, are vulnerable to mold growth as well as water rot. The VaporLoc Elite® Wall prevents this, while also channeling any moisture from the basement walls toward your drainage systems.

FSM also offers one of the most efficient and effective sump pumps around: the Elite 365™ sump pump. Sump pumps take the brunt of water drainage, so it is critical to have one that is working properly to keep your basement dry. Equipped with three cast aluminum pumps, you no longer need to worry about leaks or rusting. It also runs continuously throughout the day, with no deafening or annoying sounds. The Elite 365™ also comes with two very useful accessories: the Wi-Fi monitor that sends real-time alerts via email or texts from anywhere, and the Aquastop Drain, which is installed to alert you of any potential plumbing leakages down below.

The MoistureLoc® Dehumidification System is dually functional because it can be placed in either your basement or crawl space to effectively remove the moisture from the air. With MoistureLoc®, you can set it and forget it since it is constructed from aluminum, a corrosion-resistant mineral, and does not require any water tray changes. It can remove 95 pints of water per day—enough to ensure that humidity levels and moisture do not build up in your basement or crawl space.

Often, many people hear about replacing the wood in their crawl space in order to repair it. However, there is a more efficient way of repairing your crawl space while also ensuring that it stays fixed. The MagnaForce™ floor support system can restore sagging floor beams and crawl space structures, despite being surrounded by rotted or water-damaged wooden posts. While it may be small in size, it can support more than 60,000 pounds in just one support jack. The MagnaForce™ is very versatile and is also capable of reviving sunken foundations, even in the smallest of crawl spaces.

Encapsulating your crawl space may be something that you want to invest in. Much of the air that enters your home originates within the crawl space below you. If your crawl space has been continuously exposed to water, it can result in wood rot and host pests and mold, which will ultimately taint the air in your home. The VaporLoc Elite® Advantage prevents this by providing a waterproof and mold-proof layer to your crawl space that makes it more difficult for pests to enter. By improving the air quality in your crawl space, you are improving the air within your home and ensuring the health and safety of its inhabitants.

Insulation within your crawl space is not something that homeowners typically consider; however, it may be beneficial for those who live in Lansing, where winters can be extremely frigid. Because much of the air that enters your home comes from your crawl space, you want to make sure that this air retains as much warmth as possible so that your house is not freezing cold in the winter. This can help to save on energy bill costs in the long run. The EnerLoc® Wall System has strong insulating capabilities. It is also fire-resistant and can dually work to reduce moisture levels in your crawl space.

Water can be much more problematic than you may think, especially since it can be damaging on its own and when combined with the soil underground. Homeowners that live in Lansing should be extra aware of these potential problems that water can cause and take the necessary precautions to prevent them. In order to understand how water can impact the structural integrity of your basement and foundation, you must first understand the two most common phenomena that cause water-related damages and issues. These phenomena are known as the clay bowl effect and hydrostatic pressure.

To build the basement and foundation of your house, contractors must first excavate a large hole so that they have enough room to construct both spaces. When construction has been completed, this hole will be backfilled by new soil. However, this soil is extremely loose and less dense in comparison to soil that has not been dug out. As such, this backfilled soil is more likely to absorb much more liquid, thus increasing the amount of water that collects around your foundation and basement. This collection of water is also known as a “clay bowl,” hence the name “clay bowl effect,” and can increase the likelihood of leaks and water damage in and around your basement or foundation.

Additionally, soils that become oversaturated with water—which may be common in Lansing due to constant rain—can result in hydrostatic pressure pressing against both basement and foundation walls and floors. As the weight of the water in surrounding soils increases, the more pressure that will be placed on your foundation and basement. This can result in the formation of cracks and holes, consequently leading to leaks and potential flooding through your home’s foundation and/or basement space.

There are three main foundation repair solutions that FSM offers: the TerraForce® Wall Anchors, the BruteForce® Foundation Wall Bracing System, and the AccuForce® Helical Piering System. The option you choose depends widely on what your foundation issue is. If you are experiencing bowing walls, you want to look at the TerraForce® Wall Anchors or the BruteForce® Bracing System. If you have a sunken or settled foundation, the AccuForce® Helical Piering System is the appropriate solution for you. The TerraForce® and the BruteForce® differ also, depending on your yard space and your needs.

To determine whether you need the TerraForce® Wall Anchors or the BruteForce® Bracing System, you need to know how much yard space that you have. Ultimately, it is the amount of yard space that you have available for the contractors to install either one that determines which foundation repair system works best for you. Fortunately, you do not have to do this alone, because the experts at FSM can help you decide. The TerraForce® Wall Anchors work best for homes that have a large yard and are not close to their neighbor’s houses, while the BruteForce® Bracing System is perfect for compact property lines.

The AccuForce® Helical Piering System repairs sunken foundations. If you notice your home sinking, have sticking doors and windows or cracks in exterior brickwork, you may need the piering system to help stabilize your foundation. This system comes with piers that are installed underground in stable soil to hold your foundation in place and potentially lift it back to its original position.

Floor and wall cracks often go unnoticed or overlooked by most homeowners, especially because it does not seem as if they will lead to major issues. However, it is the opposite that is true. If floor or wall cracks are found in your basement, for instance, this can be indicative of other major problems, such as hydrostatic pressure and water or structural damage. Getting these cracks repaired as soon as possible may help you to curb more problematic repairs or damages. Furthermore, any cracks on floors and walls can be unsightly and ruin any aesthetics that homeowners hope to achieve. 

Fortunately, FSM offers the Panel Crack Repair System to repair any cracks in your home. The expert contractors utilize polyurethane foam as a sealant that cures faster than competing cement, epoxies, and urethane injections that are typically used to fill in cracks. It is guaranteed to never dry out, so you never have to worry about cracks from reforming ever again. The polyurethane foam has a clean, professional finish, and homeowners who purchase this repair system have a lifetime warranty in the event that damages do occur on your floors or walls again.

Installation of the Panel Crack Repair System is easy and can be accomplished relatively quickly. If you have cracks on your walls in particular, this repair system also comes with a secondary drainage PVC panel, that is 100 percent waterproof. This panel is applied over polyurethane-filled cracks to serve as a backup system to remove any potential condensation or moisture that may arise. The waterproof PVC panel is dually functional, in that it also enhances the aesthetics of your wall, so guests will never notice that there were cracks on the wall to begin with.

If none of these services fit your needs, that is perfectly okay. FSM also offers several other services for your home. These include seamless gutter systems, gutter guards, and home standby generators.

Gutters are important for all homes because they are key in making sure the area around your home stays dry and clear from the elements. FSM offers a variety of seamless gutter systems for you to choose from: aluminum, the more affordable, yet effective, option that comes in various colors; Galvalume, made from a corrosion and fade resistant metal; and copper, a durable gutter with a beautiful copper color to bring character to your home. Gutter guards are perfect for those that wish to avoid the hassle of cleaning, maintenance, and unclogging. They are also beneficial in preventing ladder-related injuries, which occur surprisingly more often than you would expect when cleaning out gutters. FSM provides three gutter guard options: the ProLoc™, ProLoc Elite™, and ProLoc Platinum™.

The Cummins QuietConnect™ Standby Generator is perfect for homeowners who wish to have a reliable backup power source in the event of a storm or blackout. The weather in Lansing can be quite unpredictable, with extremely rainy days one day and hot and humid days the next. The Cummins QuietConnect™ Standby Generator immediately turns on when your house experiences any power outages so that you do not have to worry about your essential appliances not functioning and can live comfortably, even in an emergency. Other additional features that this generator has are remote monitoring so you can control your generator from anywhere as long as you have a mobile device. It functions quietly, without annoying background noise. It is also incredibly compact, blending seamlessly into your house and landscape, as well as being eco-friendly.


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