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standing water and mold basement

Basement Air Quality – Is Your Health at Risk?

If you spend a lot of time in your basement, it only makes sense that you would want the air circulating in it to be fresh and healthy. Poor air quality can harm your health.

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standing water and mold basement

What is Standing Water? 

When surface water is not properly diverted from your home and its foundation, it can run back towards the structure and collect underneath the house. As the water underneath your home accumulates, mold and mildew begin to form. This can lead to structural damage, as well as many health hazards.  

In Michigan, it rains often throughout the year. So, it isn’t uncommon for standing water to collect underneath your home. The clay found in some soils (like those of Michigan) holds more water than other soils. When this soil becomes saturated due to heavy rainfall, it can cause water to pool. 

Standing water underneath the foundation could also be the result of poor water surface drainage. Cracks in the foundation of your home as well as leaking pipes and a clogged low-point drain can also lead to the accumulation of standing water. Whatever the case, it is imperative to recognize the warning signs and symptoms associated with standing water underneath your home to prevent health hazards and further structural damage. 

What are the Signs of Standing Water? 

There are many common signs associated with the accumulation of standing water beneath your house. While most of these signs are noticeable upon proper inspection, some signs are associated with your overall health and breathing.  

The most noticeable signs of standing water are wood rot and termite damage to your subfloor materials. Mold growth on the wooden surfaces beneath your home is a common indicator of the presence of standing water as well. If your home has a crawl space, moisture can seep out from there through exposed earthen floors and increase humidity levels. This creates a hotbed for microorganisms and mold growth.  

While standing water may not affect the value of your home, mold growth will decrease value as well as have monumental impacts on the air quality of your basement. 

What Impact Does Standing Water Have on Physical Health? 

Standing water is not the proximate cause of breathing problems. However, the mold and mildew that accumulate because of standing water decrease basement air quality. This can result in many health hazards. Recognizing changes in your physical health is a surefire way to determine if your home has begun to accumulate mold or mildew. 

In most cases, consistently inhaling and exhaling air that has been subject to mold or mildew can cause allergies. These allergies can be mild to severe in their symptoms. Sometimes, inhalation of air that has been circulating around mold and mildew can lead to the development of asthma. Poor basement air quality causes itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, headaches, rashes, etc.  

If you see noticeable changes regarding your health, specifically these symptoms, it may be time to contact a local basement waterproofing expert for a foundation and basement inspection. Don’t put the health of yourself or your loved ones at risk. Recognize the signs of standing water before it’s too late!  

Do You Require Assistance From a Professional? 

Standing water can lead to many physical health problems and structural problems regarding the foundation of your home. The accumulation of mold and mildew that comes with standing water can cause a variety of problems. Your property may decrease in value and you may be inhaling air that has been subject to mold and mildew. Inhalation of this unclean air can result in mild to severe health problems. 

If you suspect that your home’s foundation may have amassed standing water, mold, or mildew, contact FSM today to schedule a free basement or foundation inspection and estimate. With more than a decade of experience, all our specialists can handle any problem regarding your home’s foundation and even waterproof your basement in Michigan to prevent poor air quality.

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