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Top 4 Foundation Repair Products

Foundation repair is not something you should do by yourself. Nevertheless, it's good to be aware of the best solutions experts are using.

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Are you worried about your home’s foundation? Signs of significant structural damage are plenty, but some of the most common include misaligned windows and doors, bowing walls, drywall cracks, large, jagged cracks, sagging floors, and tile and brickwork cracks. If you’ve noticed any of these issues, it may be time to call in some Detroit area foundation repair experts. Before you do, get acquainted with some of the latest foundation repair products experts are using in your area. 

wall anchors

Wall Anchors 

Issues like bowing, cracking, and leaning foundation walls take very well to wall anchors. This is because this heavy-duty solution was engineered to fix and stabilize issues related to foundation damage. 

A foundation repair expert will implant these wall anchors in stable soil away from the foundation. Next, the expert will connect the anchors to durable steel plates that will push up against the foundation walls and work against the pressure a home’s structure is experiencing. The incredible thing about this solution is that it actually takes the pressure soil may be putting on a structure and redirects it back into the soil. 

Wall anchors are one of the few solutions available out there that can actually fix foundation problems. They can be adjusted over time to potentially move your foundation and basement walls back to their original place, preventing any movement and damage in the process. 

I-Beam Wall Bracing System 

A specially designed I-Beam Wall Bracing System is a great solution for foundation damage like bowing or tilting walls. This is a patented solution preferred by our experts as it actually strengthens your foundation and stabilizes your basement walls. 

This system is completely adjustable to any structure, which is an additional benefit. What we especially like about it is that it takes up little space and is a great solution for homes with little outside areas, like those that may be built right next to an adjacent structure. 

This solution also not only prevents the further progression of the damage that has already been done, but it also can restore your foundation walls back to their original position. 

Crawl Space Jacks 

Have you noticed that your floors are uneven, sagging, or even bouncy? This seemingly harmless development can be a sign of damage to the floor joists from a wide range of sources. Most often, joists are damaged by moisture and mold infestations. If you notice any signs of floor joist damage, it may be time to call in the experts. Heavy-duty crawl space support posts do a great job of stabilizing sagging or bouncy floors. They also can lift them back into place after the cause of foundation damage has been dealt with. 

Foundation Piers 

This foundation repair solution is perfect for any home, especially those built on shifting or improperly compacted soil. To fix foundation damage and potentially lift the home back into place, foundation piers are driven deep into the soil until they hit bedrock. This layer of soil does not move, so your home will no longer be at the mercy of the weather and soil erosion. There are three kinds of pier systems experts can use: 

Push Piers 

These are the most commonly used piers. They are driven past problematic soil and down to more stable load-bearing strata. They also are versatile and can be installed either outside or inside a structure. 

Helical Piers 

Like push piers, helical piers are driven into the ground, except they are “screwed” into the earth. They often are better suited for lighter structures such as porches, chimneys, or independent garages. The great thing about them is that they can be used both during construction and as a method of repair. 

Slab Piers 

The name of this piering solution suggests on which structures it is most often used: homes with slab foundations. Some homes in the Detroit, MI, area are built on slab foundations, which is why many foundation repair experts in the area prefer this method. They are an effective piering solution that is quick and easy to install and works just as well for some homes. 

Don’t put off foundation repair. Your home will thank you for it. Get in touch with the experts at FSM today for a free inspection and quote

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