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Dehumidifier Repair

Basement Waterproofing

flooded basement

5 Basement Waterproofing Tips To Protect Your Basement Learn More

A flooded basement is one of the most terrifying experiences for homeowners and can cause significant health hazards and damage, even after the water has been removed and dried. Flooding is caused by many things, from poor construction to damage to wear and tear. Wet basements are so common that more than half of U.S. […]

Sump Pump Systems

The best ways to back up your sump pump Learn More

What’s the one piece of equipment in your home that must be ready to go into service 24/7 and 365? Your spouse may say the television or microwave while the kids would likely vote for the Internet connection. In reality, if you have a basement or crawl space it should be your sump pump. While […]

AquaStop® Drainage System

Exterior Drain Tile Vs. Interior Drain Tile Learn More

Choosing the best home improvement solution can be a complicated process. Especially when it comes to something as important as water in your home.   When it comes to water seepage below grade, such as in a basement, knowing what to look for to determine the best solution can be daunting. Several options are available […]

Foundation Systems of Michigan CFI speaking with homeowner and pointing at brochure.

How to Hire A Basement Waterproofing Contractor Learn More

Basements are prone to leaks and water damage, necessitating the need for homeowners to hire waterproofing contractors to fix their problem.  However, if the waterproofing job goes wrong, you stand to lose a lot of money as well as becoming extremely frustrated. In order to avoid being caught in a bad waterproofing deal, we offer […]

Why is My Basement Leaking?: 5 Reasons Learn More

Dealing with a wet basement in Michigan or Ohio? Discover the causes behind this common issue and learn how to prevent damage to your home. From hydrostatic pressure to the “Clay Bowl” effect, we’ll explore the most common factors behind wet basements in the area.

Exterior Drain Tile

Exterior Excavation: Not the Best Choice in Basement Waterproofing Learn More

A wet basement is usually any homeowners nightmare. Persistent leaks, dampness  and wet carpet….it is clear that water is a basement’s worst enemy.  One way to fix your wet basement is to excavate around your foundation and install new drain tile.  However, since exterior waterproofing requires extensive excavation, there is often significant damage to the […]

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