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Impact To Your Home’s Foundation If You Don’t Have An Effective Gutter System

A faulty gutter system is one of the biggest mechanical contributors to the deterioration of your home. Constant dampness to your home’s foundation can cause unpleasant odors, mold or mildew growth, or structural damage. Excess water buildup around your foundation for long periods of time can erode your foundation and cause significant issues.

Some of the main contributors of a faulty or failing gutter system include flawed design, defective installation or poor maintenance. Gutters work to capture rainwater or snow melt as it runs off the structure’s roof. Without a functioning gutter system, the water would simply fall to the ground near the foundation or run down the side of the structure.

A gutter system works to channel water into a downspout, which often connects to a broader drainage system below the soil like a French drainage system, directing the water away from your home. When water consistently runs down the structure of the home, erosion and cracks in the foundation can occur.

Without gutters in place, water is more susceptible to pooling around the home, which is not good news if you have a basement – the basement can easily flood if there are cracks in your foundation!

When soil is saturated with water, it becomes incredibly heavy. This means the water running off your roof and pooling around your home places tremendous pressure on the foundation. Over time, this may cause the basement walls to bow or crack.

Tiny cracks in your foundation walls allow water to flow in and flood your basement Even if the amount of water entering doesn’t appear substantial, this excessive moisture promotes mold growth, which could pose a health hazard.

These problems frequently require costly repairs and can reduce your home’s value. Properly functioning drainage systems around the home’s foundation can help prevent most problems that affect your home’s structural integrity, but during heavy rainstorms, gutters often offer invaluable protection to the structure’s foundation.

In addition to protecting your home’s structural integrity, gutters also protect against soil erosion. Even if erosion is minimal, puddles of water will form in your garden and drown your plants. This erosion will remove important layers of nutrients and eventually wash away soil.

To effectively direct water away from the structure, the downspout should discharge the roof water at least 8 feet away from the structure. Gutters may require frequent inspection or cleaning, as clogged gutters may force water down the side of the home next to the foundation. A gutter protection system helps minimize clogging problems.

Many homeowners don’t think about gutters until a problem arises such as flooding, mold or debris buildup, but don’t wait! Contact Foundation Systems of Michigan for your free consultation! We proudly serve Metro Detroit, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Sterling Heights, Royal Oak, Clinton Township, Madison Heights, Flint, Livonia and the surrounding Southeast Michigan area.

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