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Crawl Space Water Problems and Moisture Control

We also have many different solutions for wet crawl spaces, including waterproofing options, and sump pump

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Crawlspace water problems are very common, and something we get a lot of calls about.  Moisture affects a majority of homes built with a crawlspace beneath them, and many homeowners ignore the problem for too long and then they’re left with a crawlspace that’s filled with humidity and moisture. It’s important to know the condition of your crawlspace, and if a moisture problem exists, don’t ignore it. 

Excess amounts of humidity and standing water and moisture in your crawlspace can pose many threats to the structural strength of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners often ignore crawlspace moisture and later are informed that the one crawlspace problem has lead to many different crawlspace problems, like wood rot, dangerous mold, and respiratory problems.

Our Crawl Space Encapsulation System completely isolates your home from the earth. This dramatically reduces the humidity level in the air, which will greatly reduce mold growth, wood rot, soil gasses and insects from your crawl space. The result is an attractive, tough, impervious liner – and a healthy home above it!

We also have many different solutions for wet crawl spaces, including waterproofing options, and sump pumps. So don’t ignore what is under your home!  Know the condition of your crawl space and have any moisture issues addressed right away, before you have bigger problems to deal with!

Call the experts at Foundation Systems of Michigan today for a free homeowner inspection to make your crawl space a foundation of a healthy, well-performing home.

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