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Battery Backup Pump: Why It’s a Great Investment

Could your new battery backup pump prolong the life of your sump pump and prevent basement flooding? Find out!

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Water damage is the most frequent form of damage since it can happen due to multiple factors, including leaking pipes, humidity, heavy rains, and seepage. The part of your house that is most vulnerable to water damage is your basement. Water can easily enter the basement through the cracks in your foundation, while heating and cooling solutions that don’t properly function can cause a buildup of moisture. By preventing flooding in your basement, you could ensure a healthier environment in your home since excess moisture leads to the appearance of mold. In addition, you will also have lower heating and cooling costs since the HVAC system won’t be forced to work harder to ensure the right temperature in your home. 

One of the best ways to waterproof your home is with a sump pump. It is used by homeowners across the country, but is this the only solution you will need to keep your home safe from water damage? Although sump pumps are reliable, it cannot hurt to have a backup in case something happens. Battery backup sump pumps are simple support systems that ensure your sump pump keeps going, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Let’s explore the benefits of the battery backup pump and how to install it in your home. 

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Why Should I Get a Battery Backup Pump? 

As we mentioned, sump pumps are reliable and won’t fail you, but another important factor that could let you down is electricity. If there is a blackout, your pump will stop working, and your home will no longer be protected against water damage. By installing a battery backup pump, you will make sure your pump is still moving even when the power goes out. If a storm or a blizzard knocks your electricity out, you can be at ease knowing that your basement or crawl space in the Detroit, MI, area won’t get damaged by standing water. 

However, this is not the only benefit of the battery backup pump. In fact, this pump will also let you know if your sump pump is starting to malfunction. The ways the battery backup pump will alert you that something is wrong can vary, but with this device, you will have time to contact a local repair expert in Livonia, MI, knowing your home will stay dry in the meantime. 

How Does a Battery Backup Pump Work? 

Battery backup sump pumps are a convenient addition to your standard sump pump. Unless the sump pump is in place, the battery won’t be able to work. Since the backup works on a battery, you need to make sure it is fully charged. If you see that a storm is coming or that a blizzard is approaching, check your battery backup and see if everything is in order. If you properly take care of them, these pumps can serve you for years to come. 

The Benefits of a Battery Backup Sump Pump 

If you live in a constant fear that your basement will flood and cause further damage to your possessions, the battery backup pump will help you sleep like a baby. With this pump, you will have not one, but two lines of defense against water damage. Thanks to the battery backup pump, you will be at ease even when the power goes out. 

However, this is just one of the many benefits this device has. If you get a battery backup pump, you will be able to save money on your energy and water bills, keep track of the sump pump maintenance, and keep your sump pump and other waterproofing systems in good shape for a long time. 

Investing in a battery backup pump is never a bad decision. This is a maintenance tool as well as an affordable way to keep your home waterproof. After you have installed it, you will be able to save money on your bills, so the backup will practically pay for itself. Investing in a backup pump is investing in your home’s future, and that can never be a wrong decision. 

Installing a Battery Backup Sump Pump 

One of the great things about battery backup sump pumps is that they are rather easy to install for those with experience. We recommend that you call professionals in the Detroit area to take care of this installation for you. A battery backup pump can make all the difference in your home, so you need to make sure it is installed correctly. 

When your battery backup pump is installed by an expert, they will do the following: 

  • They will start by attaching the pump to the wall. 
  • Next, they will make sure that the cables are properly connected the cables to their terminals. 
  • At this point, they will plug the device in. 
  • They will finish by running several tests to ensure everything is in order. 

Although getting a battery backup pump has many benefits, you should contact basement waterproofing professionals and discuss this option with them. A foundation and basement repair expert will be able to tell you whether you need one. They could come to your home, inspect the place, and offer a free quote on installation services. Apart from that, they will be able to tell you whether you live in an area that warrants a backup installation. 

If a battery backup pump is just what you need and you wish to install it, there is more good news. This type of device can be installed and put to use in less than a day. If you are in the process of building a house, you can talk to your construction team and see whether they can install it while your home still is not finished. That way, you will be at ease from the moment you move into your new place. 

Worrying about whether the sump pump will fail you or whether you are just one heavy rain away from a flooded basement can make the time spent in your home less joyful. With a battery backup sump pump, you are not just buying a home maintenance device, you are buying your peace of mind, and you just cannot put a price on that. Contact the professionals at FSM today and get a free inspection of your home. 

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