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snakeskin found in basement

How to Determine Which Animal is in Your Basement

Do you have an animal in your basement? Here are some tips that will help you determine which creature has made your home theirs.

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Do you sometimes hear strange noises coming from your basement at night? Or even during the day? Do screeching and banging sounds keep you up? Do not worry, you probably don’t have a burglar in your basement, but you do have some unwanted guests.  

If an animal has moved into your Livonia, MI home, you are probably wondering whether you are dealing with a mouse, something bigger like a raccoon, or something scarier like a snake. Luckily, there are some ways you can determine which creature has inhabited your space. After you have discovered signs of the animals, call an expert who will remove them and help you sleep more peacefully at night. 

snakeskin found in basement


Even the tiniest openings in your foundation walls can become an entryway for mice. This is one of the reasons why foundation cracks should be repaired as quickly as possible. When the temperatures drop, mice and other rodents look for a shelter where they can hide from the snow and the cold. Since basements are dark and close to a food source, they make an ideal home for these creatures. However, that doesn’t mean that during the summer your home won’t get invaded by rodents. Making sure that they cannot crawl in is essential, regardless of what time of the year it is.  

When mice find their way in, they can make nests in your walls and cause all kinds of damage. Mice and rats will destroy everything on their way, from your insulation to your wooden beams and wires. They can easily turn your basement upside down and make a huge mess.  

Several types of other rodents can move into your home. Mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels can all enter your basement and destroy things. All of these rodents will leave droppings on the floor. However, they will cause damage to various parts of the basement. While mice and rats will ruin the drywall near the joints, chipmunks and squirrels will cause damage closer to the ceiling. 


It is safe to say that no homeowner would like to run into a snake in the dark. While these creatures cannot damage your home in any way, they can harm you, your loved ones, and your pets if they feel like they are in danger.  

Snakes love warm places, so if they have moved into your basement, you will find them in your sump pump battery, hiding in the HVAC system, and anyplace else where temperatures are higher. If your basement is not finished, spotting a snake can be tricky.  

Dog owners can rely on their pets to determine the presence of this animal. If your dog or a cat avoids going to some part of the basement, call the exterminator and have them check your basement for snakes. 


These animals are pros at making a mess out of things. Their tiny paws are ideal for destroying the insulation and ruining the drywall. Pregnant raccoons can also inhabit your basement looking for a place to give birth.  

While droppings on the floor are a telltale sign of raccoon activity, noise is a more obvious one. Raccoons are noisy creatures, and you will surely hear them if they are in your basement. If there is a raccoon in your home, do not try to remove it on your own. Angry or scared raccoons can scratch your face and hurt you, so call a professional instead. Experts have proper equipment that will help them safely remove these creatures from your basement. 

Bats and Birds 

Sometimes intruders have wings, which can be a problem for you. Bats and birds usually don’t enter your basement on purpose, as mice do. Instead, they see an open door and fly in, only to realize that they are trapped. Birds can cause some damage while looking for a way out. They will bump into everything in their way and hit the windows many times thinking they are openings.  

Birds will collect assorted items from your basement trying to make a nest for themselves. On the other hand, bats do not need a nest. Both animals will leave droppings everywhere and they can bring various diseases into your home.  

Removing Unwanted Animals from Your Home 

If you have an animal in your basement, it is safe to say that you probably want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. These creatures can keep you up at night, leave feces everywhere, ruin the things you have in your basement, destroy your drywall and insulation and bring various diseases into your home. The best way to remove them is to call the experts. 

Exterminators or animal control representatives can help you get rid of these animals and finally have your basement to yourself. When this space is finally animal-free, call a contractor who will repair the damage. Contact professionals at FSM and schedule a free inspection and quote. An inspector will come to your house, assess the damage the animal has done, and recommend solutions that will restore your basement to its previous state.

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