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10 Worst Home Pests in Michigan

From the city of Detroit to the upper peninsula, the wide variety of landscapes in the state means there is also a wide variety of pests. From mice to spiders, this new analysis reveals what residents think are the worst pests in Michigan. 

Which Pests Are Most Common in Michigan?

The worst pests are those that disrupt our lives, invade our homes, cause health risks, or damage property. To learn more about the pests that Michigan residents are most concerned about, we used aggregate data from Google searches to find out what pests are on people’s minds. Through Google Trends, we found that the worst pests in Michigan are ticks, followed by flies and spiders.

ranking Michigan’s worst home pests

10 Worst Home Pests in Michigan

Rank Pest Google Search Volume As a Percentage of the Top 10

Pest Problems in Michigan

Our analysis shows that ticks are the most concerning pest to Michigan residents. Especially as we’ve seen warmer winters and wetter weather, tick populations have grown, and the Lyme disease risk map from Michigan’s Health and Human Services Department shows that tick-borne diseases are a risk in many Michigan counties. According to Google Trends, residents in Traverse City have the biggest tick problem. 

spiders in a crawl space

Flies are the second-worst pest in Michigan, and search data shows that homeowners are fighting both fruit flies and black flies. Northern Michigan is known for its terrible black flies, which attack in large swarms and bite any exposed skin. Black fly season starts in the spring and can last until June, but the pests may reappear in the fall. 

Spiders are also a top pest, with the brown recluse and wolf spiders the biggest concern. Spiders can be problematic in Detroit and nearby Toledo, OH, where damp basements and poor drainage can attract spiders. 

What About Termites in Michigan?

Termites may have not made it to the list of worst pests in Michigan. However, they can cause significant damage to Michigan homes. While warmer climates generally have worse termite problems, Grand Rapids was ranked in the top 50 U.S. cities for termites.

Each year, termites can cause between $1 billion and $7 billion in property damages. They can only live a few days without water, putting homes with moisture problems at higher risk of termite damage. Termites can go undetected for years while they are persistently damaging the wood in your home. By the time a termite colony is detected, the structural beams of a home could be weakened, and required home repairs could be significant. 

What Solutions Can Help You Reduce Pests?

Extermination is an important step in controlling pest problems. However, modifying your home to make it less attractive to pests and more difficult for them to get inside in the first place is just as crucial. Here are three ways the structure of your home can help with pest control. 

  • Seal the gaps and cracks where pests can enter. You can help prevent pest intrusion by sealing up the entryways for how they’re getting inside. Pay close attention to the bottom of your home, where burrowing pests can use foundation cracks to get inside. 
  • Make your property less inviting to pests. Many pests are water-loving, and water problems in your home or yard can attract insects and critters. You can make your home more comfortable for you and your family and less hospitable to pests by managing water problems through basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation
  • Use materials designed for termite prevention. Choosing the right home repair products can give you an added layer of protection against pests. For example, our insulation panels are treated to resist termites, so you can get the benefits of a clean, dry home while also making it less attractive to pests. 

Contact FSM to Create a Healthier Home

FSM inspector meeting with a homeowner

Many pests are drawn to moisture, but Foundation Systems of Michigan can help you create a safer and healthier living environment with trusted moisture management solutions. Locking out moisture and humidity from your basement or crawl space makes pests want to avoid your home, and they’ll have a tougher time getting inside.

Don’t let bugs and other critters plague your home any longer. Contact FSM to schedule a free inspection and repair estimate. We’ll assess your home and recommend the best basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, or foundation repair solutions tailored to your needs. Gain the peace of mind and healthy home you deserve.

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