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best Michigan wolverines team themed basements

8 Best Michigan Wolverines Team-Themed Basements and Spaces

Check out our top 9 picks for Michigan Wolverine team-themed basements, rooms, and spaces. You can find everything from fan caves to memorabilia collections.

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There’s nothing that can match attending a Michigan Wolverines football game in Michigan Stadium along with 107,901 cheering fans. Of course, you can also try to duplicate some of that spirit in your home’s basement or other spaces where you can watch the games with friends and family.

We’ve pulled together our top picks for Michigan Wolverines team-themed basements and spaces along with some memorabilia picks that could easily hold places of honor in any home. With these spaces, whether you’re living in Traverse City, Detroit, Grand Rapids, or any other place around the world, you can cheer “Go Blue.”

1. Fabulous Television Viewing Area for the Games

Attribution: @goblue3687 – Twitter

This is a tastefully decorated television viewing area with plenty of Michigan-themed decorations. We like the tweet “Go Blue! All day! Every day!”

2. Go Blue Big 10 Football

Attribution: @kiya_dad – Twitter

Number One appears to be the predominant theme here, outside of Michigan Wolverines, along with maize and blue. This would be a great space to watch the games.

3. New 77” Viewing Screen Sets Off this Wolverine Fan Cave

Attribution: @Bighouse2323 – Twitter

Now that’s a big screen that’s just right for watching the games. In this case, it looks like plans to watch two Big 10 opponents and cheering for an Ohio State Buckeyes loss.

4. Charles Woodson Fan Cave Addition

Attribution: @ASpinella23 – Twitter

These are some excellent additions to any Wolverines-themed space. The giant-sized “M” is particularly eye-catching. This is something to consider for your fan cave.

5. Putting the Michigan Fan Cave Back Together

Attribution: @faux_four – Twitter

Our spaces do change over time. This one has been repurposed and returned to its former glory as a Michigan fan cave ready for the next basketball season.

6. Five Screens in this Fan Cave – You Don’t Miss Anything

Attribution: @DaClydes – Twitter

This Michigan team-themed television viewing area tries to overcome the impression that men change television channels all the time. Instead, it provides enough screens to watch all the games simultaneously. Now that’s a nifty goal for your own team-themed space.

7. Wolverine Wall of Fame

@BigBA10 – Twitter

This is an incredible display of Michigan football jerseys of many of the most famous players. That makes for a super backdrop when watching the next players build their own fame.

8. Michigan Den

Attribution: @wolverinefan24 – Twitter

The term “cave” may be overused, at least from this fan’s perspective. He calls it his Michigan Den.

Inspiration for Your Wolverine-themed Space

We hope this has provided inspiration for a Michigan Wolverines-themed room in your home. For additional ideas, check out our other articles on Top 10 NFL Inspired Fan Caves and Detroit Red Wings-themed Basement Fan Caves.  

Before you start work on your team-themed fan space, it’s always a good idea to consult the professionals at FSM for a free foundation inspection to see if your home is all set for the game day celebrations.

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