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Problem Signs

Noticing basement leaking, rust around your gutters, broken gutter seams & more? Learn more about these problem signs & how you can protect your home today.

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Noticing these alarming problem signs in or around your home? You may have a gutter issue. Gutters are your home’s first barrier against water damage. When they malfunction, you’ll know it after a period of time. Here, we’ll discuss major problem signs to look out for that indicate gutter malfunctions, and how FSM can help you fight back!  

Major Gutter Problem Signs


Rust forms in a malfunctioning gutter typically when water puddles up inside of the gutter due to clogging, or incorrect installation. Rust can completely eat away at your gutter; you may notice your steel or aluminum gutters corroding with rust over a long period of time. Rust can eat holes in your gutter, causing water to leak and run down the side of your home, and pool around your foundation.  

Basement Leaks 

The purpose of having gutters is to promote healthy water drainage around the sides of your home, so that the soil isn’t overwhelmed. When your gutters aren’t working properly, water will pool up around your home, and sink into the soil. While all parts of Michigan tend to have a very diverse soil profile, most soils tend to expand in the presence of water. This expansion can inflict hydrostatic pressure onto the walls of your basement, and you may experience cracks, leaks, pooling water, and even mold or mildew.  

Foundation Cracks 

When water is pooling around your foundation due to malfunctioning gutters, you’ll notice brick cracks in your foundation, cracks in your interior drywall, nails popping out of your walls, and even unlevel floors. Too much water around your foundation can cause the soil to expand and contract, essentially moving your foundation and bringing part if it lower. This is called differential settlement. Gutters can help prevent this because they minimize the water around your foundation to an amount that can healthily drain away.  

Landscape Erosion 

When water is allowed to gather around your foundation, the short-term effects will be leakage and cracking. However, after a long period of time, you may notice the soil is slowly washing away, drying out, and exposing your foundation. When this happens, your foundation, crawl space, or basement are left open and vulnerable to water infiltration.  

Learn more about each of these problem signs below on our resource pages.  

Permanent Gutter Solutions That You Can Count On   

At FSM, we’re committed to helping ease your mind with long-term gutter solutions that you can trust. Offering a range of customizable downspout extensions, specialty gutters, and gutter protection systems, we can equip your home with the highest quality gutter enhancements. Check out our gutter solutions here. 

FSM is Michigan’s Trusted Gutter Expert 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference when it comes to your foundation and basement. Gutters can typically be overlooked by many homeowners, but they have a huge impact and can make or break your home health. You need only the best of the best when it comes to gutters, and you’ve found it with FSM.  

At FSM, we’ve been in the gutter, basement and foundation business for over a decade, proudly serving the homeowners of Michigan and northwestern Ohio. Our local roots help us understand the common gutter and foundation issues—but we still treat every home like the unique living space that it is, providing custom solutions, tailor-fit for every homeowner. Schedule your completely free home inspection and receive a no-pressure quote from us with a plan of action for your home. It’s easy to get started, just fill out this form today!  

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