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Are you looking for help with foundation repair, basement waterproofing, or crawl space encapsulation in Wayne? Foundation Systems of Michigan is one of Michigan’s largest and most trusted home repair companies. We specialize in repairing foundations, wet basements and damp crawl spaces. Our motto is “Less than Exceptional is Not Acceptable” and we stand behind that with our highly-experienced inspectors and crews, proven products, transferable warranties and interest-free financing. You can trust that you’re getting the best solution for your home, no matter what the problem.

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Does Your Foundation Need Repairing?

Foundation Systems of Michigan is trained and skilled in the latest foundation repair techniques. We can effectively repair any settlement-related problem, from foundation cracks, bowing basement walls, uneven floors - you name it, we can fix it.

We offer a wide range of foundation and structural repair solutions, such as:

  • Helical/slab piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Foundation underpinning

Most foundation repair jobs take less than a week to complete and our services include a detailed written estimate and many of our products include a written warranty.

foundation repair

Crawl Space Encapsulation for a Dry, Safe Home

Do you have a damp, nasty crawl space below your home? How about musty odors inside your home or cold floors over your crawl space? Foundation Systems of Michigan solves these problems with our state-of-the-art crawl space encapsulation system.

We install the VaporLoc Elite® moisture barrier on the crawl space floor to eliminate excess moisture and musty smells. Crawl space insulation is added to the walls for added comfort and energy efficiency. What you get is a dry, usable crawl space and improved comfort and healthier air inside your home.

We offer a full range of crawl space repair solutions in Wayne, including:

  • Crawl space dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • Crawl space drainage systems
  • Crawl space doors and access wells
  • Crawl space structural supports

Our Basement Waterproofing Specialists are Here for You

If you have a damp, leaky basement or issues with basement flooding, Foundation Systems of Michigan is your expert for a proven, cost-effective basement waterproofing solution. No matter what’s causing your wet basement problem, we can fix it! We’ll inspect your home inside and out and design and install a waterproofing system to meet your needs.

Having a wet or leaky basement is not only an inconvenience, but the moisture, dampness and mold caused by the water can lead to health problems and added repair expenses. That’s why we offer a full range of basement repairs and waterproofing solutions designed to tackle the problem:

  • Sump pumps
  • Interior drainage systems
  • Wall and floor crack repair
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Gutter downspout extensions
  • Vapor barrier
  • Insulated basement wall panels

Our AquaStop® Basement Waterproofing System doesn't require excavation, can typically be installed in just two days and includes a transferable lifetime warranty! Contact us to learn more and get a free basement inspection and repair estimate.

basement waterpoofing

Why Choose Us?

Since 2007, Foundation Systems of Michigan has been Michigan's most trusted foundation repair contractor. We have grown and continue to grow as a leader in the industry because of our outstanding reputation. We have earned this reputation year after year, one job at a time, and we work hard every day to maintain that reputation. We don't just fix foundations - we help people. Restoring your peace of mind, and protecting your home.

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Work orders from Wayne

winifred in Wayne
failed 2nd elec inspection , 1st,the issues were fuses to air condition ,were 30 amp,should be 20, ground rod to high out of ground ,on april 13 i fixed both issues ,need to call for re inspection

fletcher st in Wayne
Just want a pricing.

Hayes st in Wayne
Water leaking into the basement through the wall anytime it rains hard or snow melts. Water coming through at least one or two walls. Coming from a wall that has the driveway on the other side not gr***. Has been a reoccurring issue for almost 4 years

Gloria St in Wayne

Edmund street in Wayne
My floors are bouncy and things roll toward the corner of the room. I’d like your advice on cost effective ways to correct both.

Glover st in Wayne
Main support beam pillars from idling to floor are old wood supports and are splitting and sagging

Knoll Drive in Wayne
I already have an appointment scheduled. One of the reasons I set up the appointment is because of the winter specials you advertise on tv. Exactly what are those winter specials?

Knoll Drive in Wayne
Insulate crawl space in my basement.

Williams in Wayne
*** Free Estimate Submission *** Looking for Aluminum Gutters installation.

Currier st. in Wayne
*** Free Estimate Submission *** ****o, I\'d like to get a price for new 5\" gutters with the proloc. Thank you.

John Street in Wayne
I have water damage in my addon that goes from the roof down to the crawl space. My floor is sagging and bouncing from it and it has only gotten worse over time; the water damage was recently discovered when I had expanding foam insualtion put in. I have pictures from the crawl space I can show. On the opposite side of the addon the lower wall and floor is damaged from water causing a gap to open between the door and the floor that I have door sweep currently covering. They(insulation company) informed me that the wall was water damaged on the outside underneath the siding when they were working on it.

Woodbrook in Wayne
I have two additions on my home that have a crawl space and I would like to have them insulated as those rooms get very cold in the winter.

winifred in Wayne
mother p***ed ,selling house basment leaking,neighbor refered you to me

Pinewood in Wayne
Porch settling and pulling away from home about 1/2 inch. Trip hazard about 2’’ sunk concrete slab in front of porch. 20 foot column needs to be reinstalled.

Woodbrook Dr in Wayne
Bought my home 2 years ago and the winters are brutal on the floor, I’d like to get an estimate to insulate my crawl space and save on DTE

Swanson St in Wayne
Possible foundation block issues. Water issues.


Fourth in Wayne
Back wall leaking only in heavy heavy rain

Myron Ave in Wayne
basement floor has been wet with the recent rain. Gutters need cleaning out which may be the culprit. But it has been getting worse each rain.

Annapolis st in Wayne
Persistent moisture in the walls in the basement.

Harding Street in Wayne
*** Free Estimate Submission *** I would like to have an estimate on Seamless Gutters or other. Also an estimate on my porch. A few boards are loose. Power wash also. Thanks

Currier st. in Wayne
*** Free Estimate Submission *** I need new, installed. 258 Lf. 5 downspouts. 8 corners. Single story ranch.

annapolis rd in Wayne
Leaking from one of basement walls. Possible sump pump needed. Basement floods out of floor drain when it rains alot.

Woodmont Ct. in Wayne
Basement needs to be waterproofed and repaired

Niagara Street in Wayne
House has a musky/sewage smell when it rains/snow melts, house is on a crawl space with a very small door

Annapolis st in Wayne
Have a few leaks in different spots in basement when it rains

Williams St. in Wayne
Storm drains are not draining fast enough when we have a heavy rainfall like we just had. This is the first time it has happened since we moved in this past June but have had minor puddles before. I'm looking to get an estimate on a sump pump system installed as we currently do not have one.

Elm St in Wayne
Small stream of water coming from bottom corner at floor in basement. Is not constant, does not happen with every rain etc. Just bought home in July so concerning.

Winifred St. in Wayne
Water coming down basement wall possibly through an old crack and pooling in center of floor. Possible foundation exposure on exterior of house. Multiple root systems near foundation on exterior of home.

niagara in Wayne
Water coming in through walls