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Tico Thepsourinthone

September 14, 2022

We just had the privilege of using FSM to waterproof the basement that was originally built with our new home, as well as an encapsulation of a crawl space beneath the recent addition to our home. We were extremely blessed to have the "SEAL TEAM 3" of FSM (Operator #1 - Jacob S., Operator #2a - Jon M., & Operator #2b - Jahmari M.) come all the way up to "The Thumb" (Pigeon, MI) from Livonia, MI (2.5 hour drive) to execute on this mission important mission of controlling the moisture and water in our new basement. From the time they arrived, it was evident that Jacob, Jon, and Jahmari were highly competent at each of their assigned roles in this project. Before starting each day's work, Jacob was always very courteous in providing me with a high-level overview of the work to be done for that day, which always included a willingness to breakdown any unfamiliar or foreign concepts for me that I may have had questions on. As someone who enjoys "the process", I really appreciated this. It also demonstrated that Jacob and his team really knew their stuff. What I loved even *more* than how knowledgeable and how transparent "SEAL TEAM 3" was during this entire operation was their high attention to detail and their ability to make adjustments "on the fly" in order to handle unforeseen circumstances. For instance, upon initial arrival, Jacob took the time to survey our basement prior to starting any work. His objective was to make sure that the layout & dimensions included in the diagrams provided to him by his superiors matched the actual layout & dimensions of what he was observing in reality. This disciplined behavior is what enabled Jacob to quickly discover that the amount of materials provisioned for this 3-day project would not be sufficient to complete the job. Due to the long commute from FSM HQ in Livonia, MI to on-site (commute time = 2.5 hours), Jacob and his team were already prepared to lodge in a neighboring city for 2 nights to cut down on wasted driving time each day. With this plan to skip the commute already "baked" into the project's completion timeline, this unforeseen 'hiccup' really had the ability to negatively impact SEAL TEAM 3's ability to deliver on time. However, like a seasoned veteran on the battlefield, Jacob 'radioed' into his superior, who was then able to procure a separate 'convoy' to transport the needed materials to Jacob and his team so they could finish the project within the originally estimated timeline! This 'extreme ownership' and proactive problem-solving demonstrated by Jacob S. & his team are not only what allowed "SEAL TEAM 3" to deliver this project on time (actually, even slightly ahead of schedule) as originally planned, but those two characteristics are also the key ingredients to a high-performing team. I would highly recommend FSM (Livonia) to any family or friends looking to have waterproofing or encapsulation completed in their basements, but only with the condition that they would be able to request "SEAL Team 3" to be put on the project. Additionally, FSM (Livonia) customer success team, if you're reading this, "SEAL TEAM 3" may not be your go-to "A-Team" just yet, but I'd *HIGHLY* suggest doing everything in your power to retain Jacob S., Jon M., and Jahmari M. on staff because their high competency, professionalism, strong work ethic, and proactive attitude are what will have them reaching "A-Team" status in no time at all, which may give other employers all the reasons to try and poach them from you.

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