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Alyssa Ulanski

August 1, 2022

For the most part everything went well. Only issue we had was our steps had to be removed last minute for the job to be completed. The workers didn’t put them back because the cement wasn’t dry yet and had no plan to come back to fix them. This would have been fine had we been told about it ahead of time and could have planned for this fix. So we were left with no stairs down to our basement. Having kids in the house and me being 7 months pregnant this was frustrating as it is unsafe. I wanted to get my house put back together and without stairs I cannot do that. After talking to a supervisor on the phone they sent Phil out today and he has spent a handful of hours working hard to fix the steps and make sure they are safe and sturdy. He even went to Home Depot to get supplies to ensure that the job was done correctly. I really appreciate them fixing this issue! I am very satisfied with how this all worked out. Thank you so much.

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