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Sherry R.

June 20, 2022

We are helping an adult son buy a house 2 hours away from us. Got the inspection report and needed help. We turned to FSM of Grand Rapids. They did our basement over 30 years ago and it is still perfect today. John from the Grand Rapids FSM was so thorough and professional. He met with our realtor and examined the problem in more detail than the inspector did! John called me to explain our situation, and what needed to be done. This problem was out of the scope of FSM. In other words - while I would have paid for the work, he changed nothing. Zero. If they did attempt to shore up a wall in the free-standing garage, it wouldn't last - the problem is the crack in the middle of the garage floor. He proceeded to explain so that I understood and know what needs to happen. In our case, John saved me thousands of dollars! Few companies are this conscientious anymore. We totally recommend FSM of Grand Rapids!!!

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