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Laurie Sefton

June 10, 2022

So far the service has been great! I called with several concerns about our 116 year old house, including moisture in the basement which made us concerned about foundation leaks, and a widening gap between house and chimney. Michael came out to assess those issues and to address other questions we had. Not only was he professional, knowledgeable, and thorough, he was patience and kind as he reviewed his findings and answered our questions. He offered advice on the addressing the basement wall which we had assumed had a foundation crack. It didn't. He took meticulous measurements, and thoroughly explained options for the chimney, which is now scheduled for stabilizing in the Fall. Michael was honest about what FSM could do, and what was not part of their services, as I had also asked him about a patio and flagstone problem. I really appreciated his advice on preparation for the chimney repair as we are using this summer to transplant the perennial garden plants and landscaping features that would be affected by the chimney work. Michael was a great representative for FSM. The excellent customer service continued with follow up contacts by Kory, who took the time to carefully review the contract for work to be done. Michael checked in again with some final advice on how to make the work go smoothly. It is very reassuring going into a big project to feel so comfortable contracting with FSM. I will update this review when the work is completed.

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