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Mf B

December 6, 2022

Without mentioning names, the 'other' company's sump system was incorrectly installed, causing sand to fill the bucket and the drain pipes. Not only did the basement flood, it created a bow on that east wall, weakening an existing bow. No response at all from 'them' to my pleas. So I called FSM - immediate response! Greg Q assessed the situation and stood by me as we resolved things, in stages of 3 visits. Sump bucket is now properly installed, drain system improved upon, basement floor trenches and finger drains to respond to hydrostatic pressure, wall anchors installed where needed. Each repair session consisted of a team of no-nonsense, in-sync, yet very approachable and very respectful hard workers. The house was spotless when they left, inside and out. These folks are serious problem solvers. And just like that, this house finally has a no-nonsense, in-sync dry basement and a solid foundation. Thank you FSM - Team Foreman and Team, and the very responsive and supportive Office, and most definitely, Thank you Greg Q.

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