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Expert crawl space encapsulation with high-performance insulation

Expert crawl space encapsulation with high-performance insulation

Insulated crawl space walls

Bright & done right. Our encapsulation system utilizes only the best products, like durable poly moisture barriers and rigid foam wall insulation. The result is a clean, safe crawl space that's protected from pests and harsh weather.

enerloc wall system

If you're experiencing cold floors above your crawl space or high energy bills, failing insulation or lack of proper insulation could be to blame. Insulating and encapsulating your crawl space can help solve moisture and comfort problems.

Our proven crawl space encapsulation system utilizes materials designed for tough crawl space conditions. For example, at Foundation Systems of Michigan we insulate crawl space walls with durable, moisture-proof EnerLoc® panels that will never degrade like fiberglass batts can.

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The problem: Batts strike out in a crawl space

Everyone knows that insulation is important because it helps homes to be more comfortable and energy efficient. But there’s confusion about what type of insulation to use in different parts of a house. For example, many people assume that a crawl space should be insulated with fiberglass batts, installed between ceiling joists in the crawl space. Unfortunately, this “old-school” strategy can eventually do more harm than good.

Fiberglass batt insulation needs to be installed in a dry, enclosed space. In a moist crawl space, batt insulation can get wet and heavy, eventually ending up in a mess on the crawl space floor. Even when it stays in place, batts make a comfortable and protected home for rodent and insect pests. Who wants a wet, messy, under-house area that attracts all kinds of critters?

The solution: Encapsulation with the right insulation

To avoid the unpleasant conditions mentioned above, building scientists (the experts who study how buildings perform) recommend that crawl spaces be encapsulated. This process seals off the crawl space from exterior conditions (and pests), and also insulates crawl space walls. The result is a clean, dry buffer zone beneath your living space.

We use a superior thermal insulation and crawl space encapsulation product called VaporLoc Elite® to transform the crawl space into a dry, clean, useable storage area. While you're thinking about insulating your crawl space, you should also consider encapsulating the space.

EnerLoc® wall insulation advantages:

  • Higher, R-15 rated insulation value
  • No thermal barrier required
  • Non-permeable - locks out moisture
  • Glass-fiber reinforced closed cell foam core
  • Increases home energy efficiency and reflects radiant heat
  • Meets ICC Building Fire Code (Section N1102)

Maximize comfort, minimize crawl space mold & moisture problems

Do it once & do it right! When our technicians install EnerLoc® Wall Insulation along with other encapsulation materials, your crawl space will be an asset rather than a liability –a clean, dry & sanitary area that’s safe rather than scary.

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