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Mold Growth – Why and Where it Takes Place


Many people have mold problems in their homes, but they don’t completely understand why. High humidity levels are one of the most common reasons for mold growth in below-grade spaces like crawl spaces and basements. Moisture commonly enters below-grade spaces through any existing cracks in the walls, ceilings, or floors. Another problem for many homeowners is that the warmth from the crawl space will dry the soil outside of your home, causing an increase in the moisture in the crawl space.

In some cases, high moisture levels and water in below-grade spaces are unavoidable. With this said, the most important thing is how you choose to deal with your moisture and water problems. A general rule of thumb is that buildings need to be dried within a 24 to 48-hour period. Many commercial firms have high tech equipment to help prevent against mold growth by drying out and creating proper circulation in any area with moisture or water problems. To learn more about why and where mold grows, click on the image below.