Gutter Downspouts & Extensions

Keep the water away from the foundation of your home with our YardGuard™ underground downspout extension system.

Reduce water damage with gutter downspouts

Seamless Gutter Dounspout Installation in Southeast Michigan

Dependable gutter downspouts and extensions reduce home and foundation water damage.

A seamless gutter system will reduce home and foundation damage by effectively diverting water and debris away from the property. With a downspout, water is effectively funneled far from the home for true protection -- but if your rain gutter system and downspouts are not designed or installed correctly, then it can cause major issues for your home, including clogging, spillage, and costly water damage as a result.

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we provide seamless gutter systems with gutter downspouts and extensions, all proven to keep your home safe from precipitation and added damage. For more information about our gutter downspout extensions, call 1-877-DRY-MICH or click below to schedule a free inspection in Metro Detroit, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Sterling Heights, Royal Oak, Clinton Township, Madison Heights, Flint, Livonia and the surrounding Southeast Michigan area.

Our gutter downspouts & extenstions

Underground Gutter Downspout Extensions in Southeast & Central Michigan

YardGuard™ Downspout Extension

The underground downspout extension system by YardGuard™ is not only hidden to secure your curb appeal, but it effectively directs precipitation and debris away from your home and foundation.

Contact one of our gutter experts to discuss how you can start directing water from your home and foundation with the YardGuard™ underground downspout extension!

FlipUp Downspout Hinge

The FlipUp Downspout Hinge

The FlipUp Hinge is a shorter downspout extension that will quickly provide durable water protection. Lawn mowers, weed whackers, pets, kids, and more are no match for the FlipUp rainspout, as it remains securely attached.

The FlipUp system protects your home and foundation from water damage while fitting all your needs!

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