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Whether your foundation is plagued by settlement, tilting, bowing, bulging, severe cracks or disintegration, Foundation Systems of Michigan has affordable solutions to help you solve your foundation problems permanently.

Our Warrantied Foundation Services 

At Foundation Systems of Michigan (FSM), we specialize in repairing structural foundation problems and warrant our repair work to be permanent.

Foundation Systems of Michigan offers a wide range of repair services throughout our Michigan service area, including: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Warren, Traverse City, Saginaw.

Repair Or Replace The Foundation?

If your foundation is damaged, the knee-jerk reaction is to want to replace it with a new one. In most cases, however, making careful repairs is the smarter – and more economical -- course of action. To replace a foundation, the entire perimeter around your home must be excavated and the house must be placed on temporary supports while a new foundation is built. This is expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive. Worse, it may not address the cause of the foundation damage and sinking may resume. At FSM, we diagnose the problems and offer permanent, warrantied solution.

More about Repairing vs. Replacing a Foundation.

We Can Fix Your Foundation Or Structural Problem!

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we have the specialized equipment, products, and professional experience needed to make permanent foundation repairs.

Allow us to provide you with a free foundation repair quote and to introduce you to a foundation specialist who can explain how we can permanently restore value and structural stability to your home.

Call or e-mail us today to schedule your free quote! We proudly serve Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Muskegon, Jackson, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Sterling Heights, Charlevoix, Flint, Clio, Gaylord, Madison Heights, Midland, Lexington, Mt. Pleasant, Adrian, and the surrounding areas in Michigan.

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