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Why does my Crawl Space smell musty?

A dirt crawl space under a home is a very bad idea.

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Soil has very high humidity. This water vapor moves easily from the ground into the crawl space, and upward into a home’s environment. The natural airflow in a house is from bottom to top. This causes the moist air, and everything in it, to rise up into the living areas of the home. If there is high humidity and musty odors downstairs, it will affect the upstairs environment.

So what causes this musty smell?  It’s the moisture. As the moisture is pulled up into the home, it damages everything it passes through, rotting floor joists, damaging dry wall, and creating several health hazards.

Dirt crawl spaces do not have to be wet or flooded to be extremely unhealthy. A damp environment is very unhealthy and destructive. Mold thrives in damp environments. It propagates by producing airborne spores by the millions.

Additionally, some molds are incredibly toxic!  Don’t wait to have your crawl space checked out; if you can smell your musty crawl space, then the problem could be affecting the safety and health of you and your home.

Our CrawlSeal® Crawl Space Encapsulation System completely isolates your home from the earth. This dramatically reduces the humidity level in the air, which will greatly reduce mold growth, rot, soil gasses and insects from your crawl space. The result is an attractive, tough, impervious liner – and a healthy home above it!

Call the experts at Foundation Systems of Michigan today for a free homeowner inspection to make your crawl space a foundation of a healthy, well-performing home.

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