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Vented Crawl Spaces as Mold Amplifications and Delivery Systems?


Crawl space vents have been identified as a major contributor of moisture and mold buildups in many homes. Several building codes require there to be vents in below-grade spaces in order for there to be an exchange of air between the crawlspace and the outdoors. The reason for having these codes is the belief that this air exchange will act as a drying mechanism for the crawl space.

This belief however, has been proven to be false in areas with high humidity levels. The moisture content of the outside air is greater than the moisture content found in the crawl space, creating high moisture levels in below-grade spaces such as the crawl space. These high moisture levels are known to promote mold growth, putting your family’s health at risk. The professionals at Advanced Energy did an investigation on the issue and found some interesting results. To read more about their experiment, please click on the image below.

Advanced Energy

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