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Encapsulation System

Save Money By Insulating Your Crawl Space Today!

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Save Money By Insulating Your Crawl Space Today!

Crawl spaces are shallow structures installed directly into the dirt under your home. As such, they tend to soak up the natural cold of the earth around your home and transfer it into the air in your crawl space.

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we can upgrade your crawl space’s energy efficiency with our CrawlSeal® Encapsulation System made especially for the crawl space environment.

Contact us today for your crawl space insulation quote! We serve Warren, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Muskegon, Battle Creek, Toledo and many surrounding areas throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio.

Foundation Systems of Michigan’s exclusive Crawl Space Encapsulation System can transform your crawl space into a clean, healthy, and energy-saving space.

Debris in Crawl space

Step 1: Remove Debris

All fallen insulation and scrap material is bagged and removed from the crawl space.

FSM Crew preparing crawl space for encapsulation

Step 2: Preparation

The crawl space surface is cleaned of large rocks and debris from the soil to establish a rough grade.

FSM Crew installing wall insulation

Step 3: Insulate The Walls

ExtremeBloc® wall insulation panel, a 2.3-inch thick panel with an R-value of 15, is installed on the walls to insulate them and provide ultimate energy savings.

PolyFoam on the rim joist

Step 4: Poly Foam The Rim Joist

Any seams that allow air to enter the home are sealed.

Insulate the Bond in crawl space

Step 5: Insulate The Bond

R30 Fiberglass insulation is installed in the bond cavity to prevent cold air from entering the crawl space.

Crew Installing vapor barrier liner

Step 6: Install Vapor Barrier Liner

CrawlSeal® a 120 mil thick liner, is installed on the floors to seal out moisture and soil gasses.

Double Tape the Seams of the Vapor Barrier

Step 7: Double Tape Seams

A 2-step taping process is used to permanently seal floor liner seams.

VaporLoc Fan

Step 8: Condition The Air

Our CrawlSeal® Fan circulates the air to equalize temperature and control moisture levels.

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