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Closed Crawl Spaces Do Double Duty

High moisture levels are a major contributor to mold growth, exposing your family to the dangerous health hazards associated with mold.


There has been much debate over the effectiveness of vented crawl spaces in recent times. They have been blamed for contributing to high moisture levels in crawl spaces and other below grade spaces.

Recently, there has been a trend to move away from wall-vented crawl spaces and start building closed crawl spaces. This trend was inspired by homeowners and builders desire to reduce, or even eliminate moisture problems in below-grade spaces.

Homeowners and builders both understand that this type of structure will be more expensive and take longer to build, but they believe the reward will outweigh the added time and cost associated with closed crawl spaces. This new trend has sparked an interest in Advanced Energy to document how crawl space ventilation and insulation strategies affect moisture levels and energy usage in homes.

To learn more about their experiment, click on the image below.

closed crawl spaces

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