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Care for your Crawl Space to Prevent Damages

Your crawl space may be costing you more than you think.

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Surprisingly, that small space that you never enter is very important to your home and may be costing you thousands of dollars each year without your knowledge.

In some homes, crawl spaces can begin to develop black mold or dry rot and adequate steps have not been taken to protect the rest of the house.  This neglect has the potential to cause your home to experience structural problems or structural weakening, and this could cause foul odors, as well as affect children and adults suffering with breathing difficulties and asthma as well as significantly decrease your property value.

Sources of Moisture

Many homeowners ignore possible sources of moisture such as windows, doors and vents. Sealing off all windows, doors and vents can help prevent cold air, moisture and humidity from entering your crawl space. By hiring a crawl space expert to properly seal off moisture sources you can reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs – saving you money!

Structural Weakening

A major concern to every homeowner is structural weakening. Structural weakening is caused by moisture, dampness and wetness in your basement or crawl space. A large majority of homes that have structural problems or structural weakening, show signs of uneven or warped floors.  Noticeable cracks on the interior walls, usually on dry wall or sheetrock, and damaged or rotted floor beams and floor joists can also be signs of this weakening.  This then leads to sagging, uneven or warped floors.

If this sounds like a problem you are experiencing, it is best to resolve the problem before it becomes too significant. It is less costly to make small repairs than it is to replace an entire foundation so don’t try to wait this one out!

Foul Smells, Odors and Mold

Most basements and crawl spaces tend to be dark, cold, and damp – an optimal place where hazardous mold can develop. Bad smells coming from your crawl space is a sure sign your home has an unseen problem with mold.

There are many different types of mold that can swiftly invade your home. A key way to avoid these bad smells is to clean your basement or crawlspace regularly, perform routine inspections looking for sources of dry rot or hollowed wood, and by using products recommended by your waterproofing contractors. This will keep moisture out and your basement clean and healthy.

Find a reputable expert who can protect your home from the elements.  They offer some of the best ways to keep your crawl space and basement moisture-free.


The best and most effective way to keep moisture out of your home is to contact a certified crawl space contractor in your area. The certified contractor will complete an on-site inspection, provide a professional consultation, provide a free estimate and recommend the best and most cost efficient way to solve your unique problem.

Contact the experts at Foundation Systems of Michigan for a free estimate for basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation in Detroit and other nearby areas such as Ann Arbor, Flint, Livonia and the rest of lower Michigan.

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