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Best Detroit Red Wings Themed Basement Man Caves


The Detroit Red Wings were founded in 1926. They were originally called the Cougars, then the Falcons in 1930, and finally, the Red Wings beginning in 1932. Legend Gordie Howe joined the team in 1946, and in 1949, the team had their first game broadcast on television.

It’s our hunch that the first Red Wings-themed basement man cave was built around the same time that the first game was broadcast. Fast forward to today, and here’s our pick of the best Detroit Red Wings-themed basements.

1.  The Ultimate Wing Man

Attribution: Keith Hunt – YouTube

This guy has found everything related to the Red Wings and decorated his man cave. From the Red Wings bar to the bathroom, it’s covered in red. It includes a 55-inch video display, a surround sound system, an air hockey table, and more. Completion time was two years at a cost of $25,000 to $30,000. Incredible.

2. Red Wings Hockey Basement

Here’s a short stairway into a basement Red Wing hockey locker room, bar, and viewing area. This is a perfect refuge for a fan to watch the big game.

3. Winged-out Man Cave

Attribution: Detroit Red Wings – Facebook

This display of memorabilia earned its owner a Fan Cave of the Week distinction from the Detroit Red Wings. Everything is framed and in its place to celebrate what appears to be the full Red Wing team roster!

4. Red Wings Fan Cave of the Week

Attribution: Detroit Red Wings – Pinterest

Nice clean fan cave for watching every single game—wraparound couch, great lighting, and super red and white walls with the Red Wings logo.

5. Hockeytown Fan Cave

Attribution: Detroit Red Wings – Pinterest

Incredible Red Wings colors from the couch to the walls and the ceiling tiles. We love the appropriate hockey rink coffee table to hold your snacks and beverages.

6. Front-row Lounge Seats

These lounge chairs look super inviting for the game; the setup even includes a projection television system. The framed jerseys and logo add just the right touch.

7. Fan Cave with Double Monitors

A wonderful man cave with everything Red Wings on the walls, tables, and couches. There are a few items on the shelf under the television display as well. This would be a fantastic place to watch the games.

8. Greatest Red Wings Fan Ever?

Attribution: PuckMark19 – YouTube

We’ve moved up from the basement and into the office for this incredible video. This is a true Red Wings fan that brings it to work with him. Is he the greatest Red Wings fan ever? Watch the video and you be the judge.

Build Your Man Cave

Red Wings fans really went to work on these basement man caves. They look like a superb refuge anytime the team is playing, not to mention any recorded games to fill in the gaps in their schedule.

Hopefully, they’ve provided some ideas for your own basement man cave. Before you get started, make sure you consult the basement experts at FSM to schedule a free foundation inspection and repair quote. It’s important to keep your basement dry and healthy with reliable repair solutions so you can enjoy a comfortable and fun spot to watch the games!