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Lots of Wet Michigan Weather this Spring – But THIS Basement has passed the test!


Michigan residents have seen a lot of precipitation in the past few months, and some areas, particularly Western Michigan, suffered record rainfall and historic flooding this spring.

Though western Michigan was inundated with rainfall, one basement waterproofing system has passed the test.

As one Whitehall, MI resident put it, “My whole backyard was under water right up to my foundation.”

Five years ago, Carol from Whitehall, Michigan hired Foundation Systems of Michigan to install a full-perimeter drainage system, a powerful sump pump, and a battery backup sump pump system in case of power outage or mechanical failure.

In April, that system passed its most difficult test.

“I had had a wet basement that was getting increasingly worse since the house was built in 2002. In summer 2008 you installed your waterproofing system in my finished basement.  This last week we had the most water I have ever seen since I moved here. My whole back yard was under water right up to my foundation. BUT, my basement was DRY and continues to be so. This is testimonial to your system. It’s so nice not to have to worry about a wet basement when it rains a lot or during the spring thaw!”

Having experienced prior damage to her finished basement, Carol is glad she invested in the protection.  And she let Foundation Systems of Michigan know just how happy she was, sending us a letter and agreeing to be a reference for just how good the system works.  “I am happy to speak to people to tell them what a great system it is.”

Thanks Carol!! 

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