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Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Videos

Steve Ray, the inspections manager for Foundation Systems of Michigan explains to Glenn Haege, host of The Handyman Show, how untreated, vented crawl spaces can become a source of many problems in a home. He also explains how a good crawl space encapsulation system can solve these common problems and make the entire home healthier, safer and more energy efficient. Steve begins by explaining that the vents, which were formerly required by building code to help avoid mold and moisture problems in the crawl space by allowing ground water to evaporate, are actually the main source of many of these problems. In the summer, crawl space vents let in the moisture that is present in the humid, warm outside air, into your crawl. The crawl space is usually much colder than the outside. Warm air will cool down and relative humidity levels in the air will rise significantly, often way above the 60% that is needed for mold to start to grow. When humidity levels rise even higher, condensation occurs and the crawl space begins to “sweat.”During the cold Michigan winters, vents allow cold air into the crawl, which will make the floors and rooms above it very cold and uncomfortable. A freezing cold crawl space will also cool the heated air as it passes through air ducts housed in the crawl space before it reaches the rooms, making your heating system work harder to keep up with the heat loss. Foundation Systems of Michigan offers a unique crawl space encapsulation system that will effectively and permanently address all these issues, transforming a dirty, damp, moldy and rotten crawl space into a clean, dry, healthy space that can potentially be used for storage.   This complete system includes drainage products, thermal insulation for walls and rim joists, air sealing, and a vapor barrier. Encapsulation is completed with a 120 mil, puncture proof, antimicrobial-treated crawl space liner, and crawl space conditioning using the existing HVAC ducts, a crawl space conditioning system or a crawl space dehumidifier. Encapsulated crawl spaces protect the structural integrity of your home against mold and dry rot, improve indoor air quality, and as an extra bonus, it can make your home up to 25% more energy efficient, considerably lowering your heating and cooling bills!

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