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Interior Concrete Lifting and Leveling

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PolyLevel® Concrete Leveling and Lifting Repair Services in SE Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Warren, Detroit

If you have concrete inside of your home that's showing symptoms of sinking or settling, the problem can be very frustrating.

As basement slabs, concrete steps, and similar structures sink, they can crack and create uneven surfaces. In addition to being unsightly, sunken concrete can create tripping hazards. Fortunately, this problem often can be quickly and effectively repaired by a process called slab leveling.

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In the past, contractors relied upon mudjacking (also known as slab jacking, concrete lifting, concrete raising, grout pumping and slab leveling) to level concrete that had settled over time. This entailed pumping concrete slurry under the settled slab to raise it and hoping that the settlement wouldn’t continue.

Foundation Systems of Michigan has found that polymer injection, or PolyLevel®, is a much better way to lift concrete slabs than mudjacking. As the polyurethane formulation expands, it solidifies weak underlying soil and raises the concrete slab to its original, level, position – all without adding significant weight or load.

Repairing Sinking Concrete Slabs With Polymer Injection

A leveled floor in Ann Arbor.

Benefits of Concrete Lifting and Leveling with PolyLevel®

  • About Half The Cost Of Removal & Replacement Of Concrete
  • Fast, Long-Lasting Solution
  • Installs With No Damage To Yard
  • Longer-lasting than traditional mudjacking

Foundation and masonry repair specialists now have a new technique that's more effective at raising settled concrete than mudjacking. Polymer injection harnesses the expansive force of a structural grade geopolymer to raise settled concrete, fill voids in soil and strengthen soil that has poor load-bearing qualities.

The polymer consists of two separate liquids that are combined right at the injection nozzle to trigger a chemical reaction that turns the blended ingredients into expanding, high-density foam. The foam flows into voids and between loose soil particles, expanding to about 15 times its initial volume. This expansive action effectively lifts settled concrete. An experienced technician can control the application to create just the right amount of raising pressure.

The polymer begins to harden quickly after doing its raising work. Within just 30 minutes, it reaches 90% of its final strength, enabling damaged concrete roads and slabs to be put back into service right away. The speed of polymer injection repairs is another huge advantage over mortar pumping.

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If you're interested in repairing your indoor concrete for on-grade slabs, basement slabs, or concrete staircases, contact us today. Our free quotes are available throughout our Michigan service area, including Ann Arbor, Warren, Detroit, nearby areas.

We Provide Slab and Concrete Leveling Services In MI!

At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we use the PolyLevel® polymer injection technique to repair settling foundation slabs throughout our service area, including Ann Arbor, Grand Blanc, Howell, and nearby areas in Michigan.

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